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BBQ-Cycling Connexion 30, March, 2014

Woooohooooo! The fifth outing event with Connexion friends!
Yesterday we went to East Coast to have a BBQ/Cycling event.
We had plenty fun and food and more importantly, we were connected to each other… without the help of Nokia!
(Remember Nokia tagline? :p)
I arrived late as I had helped out packing in church before the event.
So, I didn’t manage to join them for cycling.
Well, when I reached there….

300320147490 300320147491 P3300006

A friend was practicing her guitar skill while other friends looked after our bags and some friends started BBQ fire Open-mouthed smile

P3300009 P3300010

Some came even later than I then they decided to play captain ball instead of cycling.
Eventually, some of them were done with cycling and I could take photos of them ~ ~ ~

P3300017 P3300016 P3300012

P3300008 P3300005 P3300004

Networking session! It is always great to make new friends! After all, we are all in the same CHC family Open-mouthed smile
Obviously, getting to know a lot of people ad memorizing their names at one go can be very challenging.
I have a solution to that: take their photos, find their FB and tag them.
Hence, I can remember their faces and respective names better Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


We celebrated the birthday of these four pretty ladies on the photo above! May God grant them their birthday wishes!
Happy birthday to you! God’s blessing you now!
Then… food was ready!!!

P3300014 P3300019 P3300018

P3300032 P3300033 P3300031

We had a great fellowship over BBQ dinner ~ ~ ~
After dinner we had games too!!

P3300035 P3300036 P3300038

The main IC for this event led us into games to get to know others better.
That includes the forfeit when we lost the game: one guy had to get girls’ numbers, one had to act like he was asking girls out.?
My forfeit? I told them 3 qualities to look for in the candidate of my life partner.


My team 1. We are number one!!!

WP_20140330_004 P3300043

After the games, we continued eating until late evening.
Well, for me I had to leave earlier as I had to be a bodyguard of particular group of sisters who were leaving too.

Next event: Garden Walk in late April.
Do look forward to it, ok?


CG Dinner 27, March, 2014

Yoz! Fellowship session in CG for this month.
Yesterday we had dinner together in the nearby hawker center.


Nice food as I had not taken dinner before CG session Smile with tongue out


A friend tried to take photos on my behalf.
In the end… some weird pose from weird angle!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Shall fellowship with them more ~ ~ ~ ~

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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 22, March, 2014

Who is the greatest?
Matt 18:1, 20:26
The disciples weren’t embarrassed to ask this question.
They left many things behind and they wanted to get reward.
Lord Jesus didn’t rebuke them for asking such question.
‘Whoever’= can’t be outsider as He was addressing to His disciples. What are ingredients of Christ’ disciples?

1.) Jesus sent His disciples to carry the message: the Gospel.
The Gospel: Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God (Mark 1:1). And the sign is clear: Lord Jesus rose from the dead.
In fact, talking to Jesus is like talking to God. He sits on the throne and is in control.
Matt 9:1-6.
The fact that they brought their need to God shows they had faith in Jesus. Lord Jesus forgave his sins. Once God forgive sins, the blessing flows

2.) The ministry attitude of His followers.
Ministry is by grace. If not because of His grace, we are still in the world.
Matt 20:20-25.
They would follow Jesus in His suffering not for a position but because they were His disciples.
Matt 19:27, 20:32
The attitude shouldn’t be ‘what can I get’ but ‘what can I do for you’

3.) The spiritual condition of disciples.
Rev 3:15-16
Lord Jesus doesn’t like luke-warmth. What is to be hot? Cold? Lukewarm?
Cold: blind, naked, poor.
Lukewarm: i am rich, i need nothing, complacent.
Hot: gold refined in the fire, I may see, I am clothed in white garment.
It is ok to feel cold, to feel weak as a bruised reed He won’t break.
It is ok to feel hot, feeling zealous for God.
It is not ok to be lukewarm, feeling complacent.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Visa Approved!


Surrendered my previous Employment Pass about 2 weeks ago.
I was then given a short term Visit Pass which was valid for 2 months. According to ICA, this short term visit pass is not extendable.
I was soooo worried if I had to leave Singapore due to visa matters. I heard they took very long to approve Employment Pass too.
Yesterday I received a good news: my Employment Pass was approved!!!
Praise the LORD! He has removed my one big worries!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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Dinner After Service 22, March, 2014

Yoz! Another juicy post on CG activity.
After the church service last Saturday, we had…


birthday celebration! Happy birthday to my dearest 2 CG mates!
May God grant you your birthday wishes! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile
Then we had…

220320147416 220320147417 220320147418

220320147419 220320147414 220320147415

dinner!!! Yummy food with crunchy gossip conversation.
Hmm, it looks like after this I will have more time to fellowship with them ~ ~ ~

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Karaoke Connexion 23, March, 2014

Fresh post! Fresh from the oven!
Had Karaoke outing with >20 church friends today.


The early birds. We met up at Somerset MRT Station.
We then met up with the rest and….

P3230012 P3230011 P3230010

P3230005 P3230006 P3230008

had lunch at the nearby food court!!! But of course, more important than taking photos of the food, I took photos of…

P3230014P3230016  P3230018

my friends!!!!
Well, with full tummy we went to the karaoke venue.



We sang songs to our heart content ~ ~ ~
Thank God we could extend one hour for free!! ~ ~ ~ 


Some actions by the guys.


But this one is really the best! A friend sang while playing games Smile with tongue outSmile with tongue outSmile with tongue outSmile with tongue out


Happy after 4 hours of singing session then….


We had dinner again to fill in empty tummy!!!
Do look forward to the next Connexion events, ok? Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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CG Birthday Celebration 20, March, 2014

Had CG meeting last night. We prayed for a member’s wife, a member’s father and for our church leaders.
May God blessing be upon them!
Then, we celebrated a member’s birthday.

200320147400 200320147401 200320147402

200320147403 200320147405

May God also grant him his birthday wish! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

200320147406 200320147407

The birthday cake is full with chocolate. Yummy! Then, we also shared this snack my CG leader brought.
My CG is the beeeessssttt!

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Dinner 19, March, 2014

Yooooz! Had dinner with god-family in a food court around Bedok.

190320147390 190320147391 190320147392

190320147393 190320147394 190320147395

I am health conscious.
So, which one do you think was my dinner??? Guess? Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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Pastor Dominic Yeo’s Sermon 15, March, 2014: When the Brook Dries Up

When the brook dries up.
Whenever we activate faith in God, something good happens: we will receive God’s attention.
Faith: putting one’s weight upon.

1 Kings 17
This is the story of faith. The brook dried up because there was no rain.
Initially we may receive blessing after blessing. Then one day, the blessing stops.

1.) When the brook dries up, faith knows God is up to something great.
God is good God. What God did in the past will ensure He will do in the present and the future.
The brook dried up, Elijah started to move.
When blessing stopped, we moved out of comfort zone as God has prepared a greater destiny.
We should not wallow in self pity.

2.) When the brook dries up, faith hears from God.
God loves to speak to His people, regardless whether we sin or don’t sin.
The ability to hear from God relates to proximity with God. God isn’t gonna shout over TV set.
We should come into a place of solitude so we can hear God’s small still voice.

3.) When the brook dries up, faith walks to the blessing.
God has a destiny. We should walk there.
Elijah might not want to Zarephath as it is the hometown of Jezebel. It is unlikely place.
Widow is the lowest in the economy. It is the unlikely person.
God’s economy means even the a poor person can supply.

4.) When the brook dries up, faith sees God’s work accomplished even before it happened.
Do we see it in the spirit? Faith sees what I have and not what I wish for.
There is always a challenge for life. But, God is able.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Dr. Robi’s Teaching 6, July, 2012: 93% Stress Free Parenting


Rules, treatments, probation. Instead of focusing on these, why don’t we focus on parenting?
Parents have the opportunity to sow into their children’s lives.
Parents should not just become disciplinary agents. Roles of parents:
– To provide unconditional loves.
– Director of behavior.
– Trainer
– Cheerleaders
– Spiritual mentors.

Instead of more rules, what about more ethics?

How can we make sustainable impact on child’s life?
Can we make parenting less stressful and more fun?
Respect is the governing principle of parenting.

We can govern people using soccer principle: the parents become the referee.
7 characteristics of referees:

1.) Two or more referees.
Single parent can be very stressful.

2.) They back each other up 100% all the time.
Mom and Dad should agree with each other with how to handle kids.
The moment Mom and Dad may disagree with each other but this has to be done behind closed doors.

3.) Emotional control.
Parents should never lose control of their emotion when the kids make mistakes.

4.) Referees always follow through on the call = consistency.
Inconsistency is more powerful than consistency.
Negative behavior is more remembered than positive behavior.
Once parents give instruction, parents should be consistent with it.

5.) Establish the rules in advance
Referees do not make up rules on the spot.
Parents should enforce the pre-established rules.

6.) Referees are actively involved.
Referees run together with players. Parents should know what ongoing things with their kids.

7.) Action, not just words.
Referees do not need to lecture the players. They simply whistle the blow.

Players have different objectives in playing the game.
Family should have an objective too.
’Why is family fantastic?’ How does the kid answer this question?

Parenting isn’t democracy. It is absolute dictatorian.
Parents decide the objective, not the kids. Nevertheless, parents can invite the kids to play along.
Rules before relationship establishes resentment.
Relationship before rules establishes respect.
Rules are still important. Boundaries maintain the fun, not to restrict the fun.

What kids’ behavior we want to see more? See less?
There are positive and negative consequences.
There is natural consequence for an action. Parents may not even need to scold the kids.
However, in special cases, the kids really cross the line. Referees hold up yellow card or red card.

When kids are involved in thinking the consequence, kids will take ownership too.
When the kids really cross the line, we show symbols. The kids should learn to identify their mistakes.
Kids should think whether their behavior violates the family rules.

There is reward for positive behavior too.
Parents should praise their kids for what they do, why the parents like the doing and how the parents feel impacted.
The reward can be reward of time. The kids can spend the time with their parents in an pre-approved activity which will build relationship.

Parents should parent the kids’ hearts not the behavior.
The moment the kids show slight disrespect toward parents, parents should issue a yellow card.

You can purchase his teaching at The Ink Room.

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