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USS Outing 2, March, 2014

Yooz! Had a one full day outing last Sunday! A group of friends + I went to Universal Studios Singapore.
It was my first time so I was soooooo excited!
This event is our very first Makan Connexion event too ~ ~ ~


Some of us reached Vivo City earlier. So we took photo at the nearby McDonald.

P3020003 WP_20140302_072

The ticket and the map of USS.

P3020015 P3020016P3020014
The globe is really the signature of USS ~ ~ ~ 

P3020025 P3020026 P3020027

P3020028 P3020030 P3020035

P3020042 P3020148 P3020146

P3020143 P3020107 P3020040

Waaaaaahhhhhh!!! All my childhood dream come to life!!!!! This is paradise! USS is really a paradise!!!

P3020051 P3020052 P3020053

We took photo during the cookie monster ride!!

P3020093 P3020095 P3020096

Transfer ride was superb! It was my first time watching a 4D movie!
It felt like I could grab the pieces of flying machine!

P3020082 P3020083 P3020132

Photo with Rockafella, a group of breakdancer, and with Beetle Juice character and with Po from Kungfu Panda!

P3020102 P3020104 P3020105

P3020116 P3020127 P3020106

Had lunch at the burger stall there ~ ~ ~

P3020138 P3020139 P3020141

Madagascar ride. Well, they did like to splash water at the visitors Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20140302_004 WP_20140302_005 WP_20140302_009

Enchanted airways. A mini roller coaster there.
Well, they really could tell I was trying to video the ride and they stopped me Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20140302_023 WP_20140302_024 WP_20140302_025

Another mini roller coaster is set like the Mummy movie.
We first kept our belongings in a locker. Then we all ran along the entrance.
A friend really likes this ride. We even took the ride twice since there was hardly queue Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

WP_20140302_037 WP_20140302_039 WP_20140302_040

Last entertainment in USS: Monsters Musical Show!!!
Well, after that we were all super hungry. We went to Vivo City and had dinner at Ichiban Sushi there.

WP_20140302_052 WP_20140302_053 WP_20140302_054

WP_20140302_055 WP_20140302_056 WP_20140302_059

Nice and healthy Japanese food!!!!!

WP_20140302_062 WP_20140302_060 WP_20140302_048

WP_20140302_046 WP_20140302_044 WP_20140302_045

Fellowship over dinner. Full of laughter and smile and chatter.


Finale of the day: we celebrated a friend’s birthday!!!!! He was so surprised.
Well, the organizers of USS event are very smart, that’s why Smile with tongue out

After a few rounds of walking around and enjoying the rides, I can really say….
USS is worth the ticket fee!!! I burnt out some calorie without even moving a limb!!!
Well, my heart skipped many beats, that’s why Smile with tongue out
I will definitely bring my family here one day ~ ~ ~
Thank God for the wonderful day with wonderful friends!

Sphere of Jurisdiction—-Seikuken




Well, the post today is related to one of my favorite manga: History Strongest Disciple Kenichi.
A little bit background of this Seikuken technique.
An invisible sphere surrounds Seikuken user. Everything inside this sphere is susceptible to the user’s attack.
In other words, Seikuken is the user’s attack range.

In his book The Proving Ground, Pastor Kevin Gerald wrote about the authority test.
We should obey the authority God has given us.
Sometimes there is evil authority.
How should we deal with this? Pastor Kevin suggested two ways.
First, we appeal to higher authority.
Second, we peacefully withdraw from the sphere of jurisdiction of authority.

I would like to liken this sphere to Seikuken.
Whenever I step into a place, I must immediately recognize the authority of that place.
It is basically an attack range of that authority: those who disobey will be attacked.
How to avoid getting attacked? I should then obey the authority.

Reminder to self:
To certain extent, obedience to good authority represents my obedience to God.

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