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Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 1, March, 2014: All Things Work Together for Good

2 Cor 11:23-27
Without knowing it was Apostle Paul, we might consider the person is a bad person.
Rm 8:28
Despite all his suffering, he taught that all things work together for good.
God uses everything in our lives for our good. Difficulties is inside ‘all things’ God uses.

Can God use everything?
– God can make a fish swallow person.
– God can make donkey talk.
– God can make lion passive.
– God can make fire harmless.
God can do a lot of stuffs. God can use things against their respective nature above our imagination.
We shouldn’t limit God. God is never out of resources. God doesn’t need any man’s permission or cooperation for His plan.

4 things Paul had in mind when he wrote this verse.

1.) God is sovereign.
No one has infinite independence like God. Nobody has elected God. No one can dethrone God.

2.) God is omniscient.
He is all knowing. God already knows our future.
I may worry now but God knows I may laugh about it next week.
God cannot be surprised or disappointed.
Even if I take the wrong turn, God can still redirect me to the right path.

3.) God is omnipotent.
God can create things I need even if they don’t exist.

4) Bad things happen to good people.
We shouldn’t think like Job’s friends.

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