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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 8, March, 2014: How to Fireproof Your Faith (2): The Word of God

How to stay strong in the midst of crisis? The word of God
Ps 119:28, 92-93, 107, 116, 143, 165
How to keep the hope strong? The word of God.
Gen 1:2
In the midst of chaos, God is with us. The Holy was waiting for God’s word. When God said,  “Let there be light”, the Holy Spirit moved.
Ps 107:20.
God sent word and healed people.

God’s word is important:the word of God is creative (Heb 11:3).
It is the word that sets the boundary of universe. Uni-verse: one poetic word or writing.
The first time God spoke His word was for creation and not communication.
Ps 119:130.
God’s word anoints our common sense that we will know the next step.

From the word of God, we know that God is love, is Spirit. We then know how to relate to God.
We need to worship God in all His attributes. He is love but He is a jealous God. He is merciful but He also is holy.

The word of God strengthens us. Ps 119:28.  John 6:63.
We are feeding on the eternal life. How do we feed on God’s word?
Hear, read, study, memorize, meditate on (Ps 119:78, 148) the Bible.
Meditate: reciting the verse times and again.

The word of God will test us. Vision and dream will encourage us.
However, the word of God will test us: cleanses us, prunes us
Our soul bleeds, God allows suffering for our good (Ps 119:67, 71).
Going to court could be good for Pastor Kong. Will we bless our enemies?
When God’s word prunes us, we may want to run away. However, we need to stay still.

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