Last Day of Work In NTU 12, March, 2014

Signed a 6-month contract as a Project Officer with NTU 6 months ago.
So, yesterday was my last day of working.
Since it was the last day, I took photos with them as keepsake.

照片 120320147364 120320147366

120320147346 120320147348 120320147350 120320147365

120320147347 120320147352

These are my brothers and sisters in arms.
I previously blogged about the importance of network in doing graduate study.
Yup, these people are of great emotional and technical support as I conducted experiments after experiments.

120320147353 120320147355 120320147358

120320147359 120320147360 120320147363

Farewell lunch with my colleagues. A lot of Chinese food.
Pretty oily but we compensated it by taking fruits. Hopefully the fruits will handle the oil problems Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


A farewell card from my colleagues.

Well, farewell is not that farewell, I should say.
Once in a while I will drop by NTU and say hi to them.
For instance, next Monday I will attend an Oral Defense of a PhD friend.

A new chapter of life is coming soon!!! ~ ~ ~

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