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Pastor A.R. Bernard’s Sermon Leaders’ Meeting 17, September, 2013


Our lives are composed of choices. We make decisions all the time.
Morals = set of principle to distinguish right and wrong.
Ethics = application of morals to human conduct.
Chaos = everything is so blended that there is loss of identity and distinction.
As believers we make decision.
God represents perfection in conduct and character  and He gives a set of moral framework: the 10 commandments.
Ceremonial law in the Old Testament no longer applies to us. However, God’s moral law still applies to us.
Even before God gave 10 commandments, there had been sense of universal right and wrong in human’s heart.
Human’s behavior needs boundaries. Even freedom needs boundaries to stay as freedom.
Financial freedom requires certain discipline not to overspend, for example.

Our decision is guided by a hierarchy.
We may  make decision based on the information at hand and our perspective at that time.
We are limited by the knowledge in our head. We may need to accumulate more knowledge in order to make the right decision.
Decision of the past is the architect of the present. Decision of the present becomes the architect of the future.
It isn’t hard to make decision when we have a set of values: what we are willing to stand/die for, what we are willing to pay the price for.

Luke 10:38-42
When Mary decided to sit at Jesus’ feet, she made the right choice.
Every decision is a value judgment.
When I decide one thing over another, I am saying that one this is more important than others.
Moses decided staying amongst Israelites is more important than staying in Egypt.
Woman always wants man to put her second to God, not second to anything else.
Woman may judge man by his action and judge herself by her intention.
God commanded husband to study his wife but God did not command the wife to study her husband.
What man has to learn, woman may know intuitively.
When a man affirms a woman’s value in his life, she will feel secure.

Every decision we make must be spiritual, moral, ethical and legal. We are answerable to God.
Spiritual = God and the value of His Kingdom.
The world may only want to know whether it is legal: how to get away with it.

When two believers get married, it is highly spiritual affair.
The consummation of married couple represents spiritual union.
So many people devote so much for wedding but they fail in marriage.
When the relationship degenerates from spiritual to moral level, probably it will end up in divorce.

We need wisdom to make good decision.
Growing older is automatic. Growing wiser is a choice. Not many people make that choice.
Some people grow wiser by choice or by crisis.
Wisdom = skillful use of knowledge and understanding for successful living.
It is a skill we can develop over time. Right behavior becomes easier when we make it a practice.

5 elements to decision making:

a.) Prayer
We ask God to bless wisdom in the beginning and throughout decision making process.
We must always keep God in the equation.

b.) Study the Scripture.
Things written in the Old Testament is for our learning. We learn from others’ mistakes.
No matter what situation we go through, somebody in the Bible went through it before us. So, we can learn from them.

c.) Study the situation.
Gather all necessary information. We can never know it all, but we can gather as much as we can.
Also, we ensure the facts are clear to us.

d.) Study the people involved.
We have to think about other people who are involved in this decision we make: character, motive, values, agenda.
When we invest money, we should look at who is running the company.

e.) Consider the goal.
Do we agree with that goal? Be a part of that goal? What is the objective?
We should be concerned with the glory of God and the good of others.
Are we going to be happy with the consequence?
Our decision should bring glory to God and strengthen others.
What are the methods employed to achieve the goal?
Are they spiritual, moral, ethical and legal?
The end and the mean have to be justified. The end doesn’t always justify the mean.

Decision: whom to marry? What to do in future? What business decision to choose?
We have to apply these elements in decision making process.

Process protects us. Steps to relationship:
– Introduction
– Acquaintance
– Friendship
– Fellowship
– Intimacy

(You can purchase a copy of this sermon CD at The Ink Room ~ ~ ~ )

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Cupcakes 14, March, 2014


Cupcakes my god-mommy made today.
The icing is sweet-sour, made from blend of sugar powder and lemon skin.
Very nice!
I gotta be careful with the calorie content, though ~ ~ ~

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Meals 13, March, 2014

Yooooz! Last night I had plenty food, both at home and in CG meeting venue!
First, my god-family cooked fantastic dinner.

130320147371 130320147372 130320147370

Sweet potato, pork, apple, and many more! Too bad I had to rush the dinner as I had to attend Cg meeting.

130320147374 130320147375 130320147373

Surprise! Cg meeting ended with KFC!!! Well, I took the mashed potatoes more than the chicken.
I think eating carbo is less scary than eating oil.
Of course, I removed the chicken skin.


Fantastic Cg people.
Stay tuned, ok?

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