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Dinner 16, March, 2014

Well, I didn’t expect this dinner as I had eaten instant noodles for dinner.
So, it was my second dinner.



Healthier dishes than just instant noodles.
Thank God for bringing me into this family!!! ~ ~ ~

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Chill Out Outing 15, March, 2014

Had a chill out outing last Saturday. We had it at Timbre at Substation.
Well, I went there late as I had bookstore duty to attend to before the event.
In the end I managed to catch up with them.

1 2 3

5 150320147382 150320147383

It is pretty unfortunate that the photos are dark. In the end, I used video mode and then print screened the photos.

An interesting conversation with a guy friend.
Friend: Jefri, why are you not fair? You talk nicely to her but you talk rudely to me.
Jefri:     Why should I talk nicely to you? I only talk nicely to girls. Why not you try talk rudely to her?

I won the argument Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Too bad I did not spend enough time to get to know the participants.
Hopefully I can do so in the next outing ~ ~ ~

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