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Dr. Robi Sonderegger’s Teaching 11, August, 2013: Sugar Baby


It is not the wisest to live by egg-tart alone. It contains too much sugar.
There is insulin to counter it. But, if the sugar intake is too much, it will cause fat deposition.
It is not enough to just cut down on fat. We should cut down sugar too.
When fat is removed, the food becomes tasteless. Some use sugar to give the taste.
However, we should be careful with sugar.

Brain consumes plenty glucose and the toxic waste is produced.
It is important to exercise so the oxygen can go into the brain and takes care of this waste.
Fructose is digested in liver to become triglycerides.
Excess fructose is dangerous as liver can’t digest it. Excess fructose will leak into blood.

Matt 26:41, Rm 7:8
The spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. We may give in into temptation.
When it comes to consuming sugar, we have to be careful with sugar temptation.
Every time we eat sugar, we may want to get a bit more.

When we give in to sugar, eating sugar is like putting straw into fire.
Even though we get energetic for a while, we will become tired again afterward.
Sugar is an appetite stimulator. It makes us hungrier.
We don’t give sugar to children before dinner in the same way we discourage sex before marriage.
Sex generates dopamine which acts at the pleasure center in the brain.
There is nothing inherently wrong with either sex or sugar. Let’s just use them in the way God intended them to be.

We now live in the New Testament and under grace.
However, it is not a permission to sin/walk according to the flesh.
When we pursue more the things of the flesh, we will have less access to things of God.
When we pursue more the things of God, we will have less appetite toward the things of the flesh.

Initially when we face sugar temptation, we may ask ‘should I‘ or ‘should I not’.
When we give in, we will eventually ask, ‘where’ and ‘how many’.

Rm 4:5-8
If we want to achieve success in sugar temptation with our own strength, we will fail.
Even if we choose to go for diet, our brain will fight back.
Instead, we should surrender to God.
God has given His son so HIs righteousness becomes our righteousness: we can win against sin (sugar).

When we are mentally tired, we should reach out to God and He will give the living water to refresh us.
He will also fill in the hole in our hearts.
We should simply focus on God and He will take care of us.

We should not say, “I behave in this way because of my body.”
Neuroscience has concluded that our mind can affect our body.

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