Pastor Tan’s Sermon 22, March, 2014

Who is the greatest?
Matt 18:1, 20:26
The disciples weren’t embarrassed to ask this question.
They left many things behind and they wanted to get reward.
Lord Jesus didn’t rebuke them for asking such question.
‘Whoever’= can’t be outsider as He was addressing to His disciples. What are ingredients of Christ’ disciples?

1.) Jesus sent His disciples to carry the message: the Gospel.
The Gospel: Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God (Mark 1:1). And the sign is clear: Lord Jesus rose from the dead.
In fact, talking to Jesus is like talking to God. He sits on the throne and is in control.
Matt 9:1-6.
The fact that they brought their need to God shows they had faith in Jesus. Lord Jesus forgave his sins. Once God forgive sins, the blessing flows

2.) The ministry attitude of His followers.
Ministry is by grace. If not because of His grace, we are still in the world.
Matt 20:20-25.
They would follow Jesus in His suffering not for a position but because they were His disciples.
Matt 19:27, 20:32
The attitude shouldn’t be ‘what can I get’ but ‘what can I do for you’

3.) The spiritual condition of disciples.
Rev 3:15-16
Lord Jesus doesn’t like luke-warmth. What is to be hot? Cold? Lukewarm?
Cold: blind, naked, poor.
Lukewarm: i am rich, i need nothing, complacent.
Hot: gold refined in the fire, I may see, I am clothed in white garment.
It is ok to feel cold, to feel weak as a bruised reed He won’t break.
It is ok to feel hot, feeling zealous for God.
It is not ok to be lukewarm, feeling complacent.

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