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BBQ-Cycling Connexion 30, March, 2014

Woooohooooo! The fifth outing event with Connexion friends!
Yesterday we went to East Coast to have a BBQ/Cycling event.
We had plenty fun and food and more importantly, we were connected to each other… without the help of Nokia!
(Remember Nokia tagline? :p)
I arrived late as I had helped out packing in church before the event.
So, I didn’t manage to join them for cycling.
Well, when I reached there….

300320147490 300320147491 P3300006

A friend was practicing her guitar skill while other friends looked after our bags and some friends started BBQ fire Open-mouthed smile

P3300009 P3300010

Some came even later than I then they decided to play captain ball instead of cycling.
Eventually, some of them were done with cycling and I could take photos of them ~ ~ ~

P3300017 P3300016 P3300012

P3300008 P3300005 P3300004

Networking session! It is always great to make new friends! After all, we are all in the same CHC family Open-mouthed smile
Obviously, getting to know a lot of people ad memorizing their names at one go can be very challenging.
I have a solution to that: take their photos, find their FB and tag them.
Hence, I can remember their faces and respective names better Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile


We celebrated the birthday of these four pretty ladies on the photo above! May God grant them their birthday wishes!
Happy birthday to you! God’s blessing you now!
Then… food was ready!!!

P3300014 P3300019 P3300018

P3300032 P3300033 P3300031

We had a great fellowship over BBQ dinner ~ ~ ~
After dinner we had games too!!

P3300035 P3300036 P3300038

The main IC for this event led us into games to get to know others better.
That includes the forfeit when we lost the game: one guy had to get girls’ numbers, one had to act like he was asking girls out.?
My forfeit? I told them 3 qualities to look for in the candidate of my life partner.


My team 1. We are number one!!!

WP_20140330_004 P3300043

After the games, we continued eating until late evening.
Well, for me I had to leave earlier as I had to be a bodyguard of particular group of sisters who were leaving too.

Next event: Garden Walk in late April.
Do look forward to it, ok?