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Birthday Celebration 28, April, 2014

280420147706 280420147702

Had celebrated colleagues’ birthday yesterday before the work started.
The birthday cake was made with plenty fruits. Very healthy.


Happy birthday, Gemini and Merilyn!

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Homemade Pizza!!!


Was tired after walking around Garden by the Bay.
Then when I reached home… a supper awaited me!!!
A homemade pizza + salad.
Very healthy and yummy!!!
Hmm, perhaps I should learn to make one one day.
Can impress girls with cooking skill ~ ~ ~

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Garden Walk Connexion 27, April, 2014

Yoooozzzz!! Another news fresh from the oven!!!!
Today my friends and I had an outing at Garden by the Bay.
We named it Garden Walk; precisely because we really had to walk around the Garden while playing games.

270420147684 270420147685

The ICs had lunch first while finalizing the games.

020220147182 020220147184 020220147186

020220147187 020220147190 020220147191

020220147193 020220147198 020220147204

Some objects we all had to find and take team-photos with.
Well, they were all scattered all around the Garden. So, we really had a good exercise today Smile with tongue out

270420147687 270420147686 270420147688

Some puzzle pieces games we had to solve.
The themes of the puzzle piece were falling in love and friendship Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile


Some Bible quiz to deepen our spirituality.
Ever wonder why Lord Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1 is different from that of Luke 1?
The picture above is taken from

P4270005 P4270011

The winning team!! They received a wonderful prize of..


A pack of drink and chocolate-liquor!!!

270420147693 270420147694 270420147695

270420147690 270420147691 270420147692

We had dinner at the nearby food court at Marina Bay Sands.
It was a nice chat over nice food ~ ~ ~ ~

Garden Walk was the last event of the first batch of events.
Do look forward to the news of the next batch of events, ok? Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile

Pastor Kong’s Sermon 19, April, 2014

John 13:1-2, 34
Holy Thursday.
Lord Jesus washed their disciples’ feet and had communion with them.
Maundy Thursday: Mandate. He told them to love one another.
Later at night, Judas betrayed Him and Peter denied Him.

But Sunday is coming…

Good Friday
Yet, everything looked so bad for Jesus. They beat Him times and again.
He was judged and was found blameless. However, the people wanted to crucify Him.
Isa 53:5
On the cross Jesus carried all our sicknesses.

But Sunday is coming…

Black Saturday.
The devil brought Jesus’ spirit to hell. Right there, Father God laid the evil of us all upon Him.
Ps 88:7, 2 Cor 5:21, 1 Pet 3:18
Lord Jesus suffered wrath after wrath as He carried all our sins.

But Sunday is coming…

Thursday of broken heart.
Friday of sickness.
Saturday of sin and bad habit.

But Easter Sunday is coming…

No matter what heartache, sickness, sin and bad habit we have, God’s resurrection power is available for us.

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CG Dinner 24, April, 2014

Yoooozzz! Hadn’t had dinner with CG for quite some time.
So, yesterday we had one at tThe Grandstand Singapore

240420147665 240420147667

Some wine first to start the dinner. Red wine. Plenty antioxidants.

WP_20140424_002 WP_20140424_004 WP_20140424_008

240420147668 240420147670 WP_20140424_001

My friends and I ordered various kinds of food.

WP_20140424_006 WP_20140424_007

but this tomahawk beef was the ultimate dinner!
Well, the menu says it is for 4 people. In the end, everybody shared it.

WP_20140424_017 WP_20140424_015

Nom nom nom. I finished it.
I am looking forward to the next dinner with them ~ ~ ~

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Iranian Lunch 20, April, 2014

Visited an Iranian friend last Sunday. He stays at Graduate Hall 2, NTU.
I was initially thinking of having lunch with him in one of the hostel canteens.
Surprisingly, he asked me to join him for lunch in his room.


This rice is somehow special. The grain is longer than ordinary rice I eat


That yellow sauce isn’t curry, btw.


This bread tasted light sweet. I did not take a lot of this as I was already full


Well, he is a better cook than I am!!!


Somehow, this is his style of lunch: spreading cloth on the floor and we all sat on the floor while having lunch.
Nice food with nice conversation about life.
I encouraged him to find a job as he is about to graduate from doctorate degree. I told him what to do to find job too.
Shall keep in touch with him ~ ~ ~

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Dinner After Service 19, April, 2014

Yooooz! I attended Easter service last Saturday.
A friend joined me for church service for the second time.


He really thinks the Easter drama is very good.
I shall invite him to come to church again and again ~ ~ ~ 
After the service, the CG had…

 190420147610 190420147611 190420147613

190420147614 190420147616 190420147609

dinner!!!! At Raffles City food court.
Yummy food with crunchy conversation about life Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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