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The Ink Room Packing 30, March, 2014

Last weekend the church did some shifting.
Apparently, next weekend there will be some events using the church hall.
Hence, the bookstore had to pack up the stocks too.


Well, as you can see, there is no more Tree of Life in the area.
In the place of Tree of Life, the members could see some nice photos about the church.

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Praise, worship, thanksgiving, Bible reading and prayer.
Some foundational disciplines to fireproof our faith Smile

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We put the stocks of books and Bibles into the metal cages.


At around 3.30 pm, the packing was almost completed. In fact, the church hall was almost empty too.

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We had late lunch of Burger King.
Well, some supply of calorie is good for tired limbs. Agree?

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 29, March, 2014: How to Fireproof Your Faith (3): Prayer

Prayer. It should be as natural as breathing.

1.) Prayer is a cry.
For a baby not to cry, the parents and doctors will be worried.
ps 34:15
God expects us to cry. A baby cries when he is hungry. God is concerned when we don’t cry in the midst of difficulty.
Job 34:28
We shouldn’t give up in praying.
Luke 18:7

2.) Prayer is a conversation
Astronaut is always in constant communication with the headquarter. Prayer links us to God
1 Thes 5:17, Eph 6:18

3.) Prayer is communion
We are friends of God if we have fèllowship with God.
Ps 62:1-2
David knew eventually salvation would come. However, he took time to wait on God.
Children love spending time with parents.
Busyness and complexity may pull us away from God. However, it shouldn’t be the case.
We should set aside time to pray. We may never have enough time for everything. We make time for what’s important.
Don’t just listen to everybody’s voice. We should listen to God’s voice.

1 Cor 14:15
How to get understanding? Ps 119:130, 169.
We can ask the Holy Spirit to give a Bible passage to pray in.
Ps 119:170, 172
We need to learn to pray the Scripture. The Bible is a prayer book. It reveals God’s perfect will for every situation.

There are 5 benefits of praying the Scripture:

1.) It elevates us from depression.
1 John 3:21-22
For the prayer to work, we should not pray in condemnation. The devil loves pouring condemnation. 1 John 3:19. We need assure our hearts, persuade our hearts through praying the Scripture. Ps 3:1-4.
Ps 61:1-3.
God’s word lifts us up from depression.
Ps 91:14-16

2.) It enlarges our vision
Eph 1:16-22 Eph 2:6
Apostle Paul prayed that we could see in more in spiritual realm.
Is 49:16
We can see our names on God’s palm. When we pray, God’s thought washes away our thought.

3.) It explains our situation.
The Bible gives the right concept, what God thinks of a situation.
Ps 38:1-5, 11-12, 17-18
We repent of our sins then move on.
Matt 5:44
We leave the enemies to God.
2 Sam 16:7,8,11
David let Shimei curse him.

4.) It Expands our vocabulation. Life and death are in the power of the tongue.
When Mary prayed Magnificet, she quoted verses after verses from the Old Testament. Praying without Scripture is dry and weak.

5.) It expresses our emotion.
There are moments we can’t express our emotion.
God’s word goes very deep and discerns our emotion. God wants us to be feeling people.

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