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Praying for CHC Leaders

A FB group “COC Must Not Remove the 8 Leaders of CHC” posted something extremely important.
To copy paste from their post.

“ From 8 to 10 April ‘14, Chief District Judge See Kee Oon, who is presiding over the case, will consider both submissions and… hear their oral arguments to determine if there is indeed a case to answer… While we all have been waiting for these years for our leaders to take their stand to explain, I am still hoping that there is a chance the Judge will decide there is no case to answer next week because it will end the trial.
Our leaders can move on with their lives and their financial burdens will not continue to grow. I believe once the case ends, they will be able to explain to us the details since it is all related to the Building Fund and Crossover Project.”

Indeed, I personally would like to judge to approve the “No Case” submission by the defense.
After all, as City News has written, most of the witnesses actually sided with the leaders.
8-10 April. Tuesday to Thursday.
I will really pray for their vindication!!!

Dinner 6, April, 2014

Had dinner yesterday with godfamily.
We had it around Bedok area. Somehow this particular eateries has more variety of food compared to the coffee shop nearby our house.

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I started to learn a new skill: to threaten/scare the seller.
Sometimes the seller takes veerrryyyy looooong to cook the food and delivers the order.
Hence, next time I should be bolder in saying: “I am about to go off. Please return to me my money.”

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