Iranian Lunch 20, April, 2014

Visited an Iranian friend last Sunday. He stays at Graduate Hall 2, NTU.
I was initially thinking of having lunch with him in one of the hostel canteens.
Surprisingly, he asked me to join him for lunch in his room.


This rice is somehow special. The grain is longer than ordinary rice I eat


That yellow sauce isn’t curry, btw.


This bread tasted light sweet. I did not take a lot of this as I was already full


Well, he is a better cook than I am!!!


Somehow, this is his style of lunch: spreading cloth on the floor and we all sat on the floor while having lunch.
Nice food with nice conversation about life.
I encouraged him to find a job as he is about to graduate from doctorate degree. I told him what to do to find job too.
Shall keep in touch with him ~ ~ ~

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