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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 19, April, 2014

John 13:1-2, 34
Holy Thursday.
Lord Jesus washed their disciples’ feet and had communion with them.
Maundy Thursday: Mandate. He told them to love one another.
Later at night, Judas betrayed Him and Peter denied Him.

But Sunday is coming…

Good Friday
Yet, everything looked so bad for Jesus. They beat Him times and again.
He was judged and was found blameless. However, the people wanted to crucify Him.
Isa 53:5
On the cross Jesus carried all our sicknesses.

But Sunday is coming…

Black Saturday.
The devil brought Jesus’ spirit to hell. Right there, Father God laid the evil of us all upon Him.
Ps 88:7, 2 Cor 5:21, 1 Pet 3:18
Lord Jesus suffered wrath after wrath as He carried all our sins.

But Sunday is coming…

Thursday of broken heart.
Friday of sickness.
Saturday of sin and bad habit.

But Easter Sunday is coming…

No matter what heartache, sickness, sin and bad habit we have, God’s resurrection power is available for us.

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CG Dinner 24, April, 2014

Yoooozzz! Hadn’t had dinner with CG for quite some time.
So, yesterday we had one at tThe Grandstand Singapore

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Some wine first to start the dinner. Red wine. Plenty antioxidants.

WP_20140424_002 WP_20140424_004 WP_20140424_008

240420147668 240420147670 WP_20140424_001

My friends and I ordered various kinds of food.

WP_20140424_006 WP_20140424_007

but this tomahawk beef was the ultimate dinner!
Well, the menu says it is for 4 people. In the end, everybody shared it.

WP_20140424_017 WP_20140424_015

Nom nom nom. I finished it.
I am looking forward to the next dinner with them ~ ~ ~

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