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Birthday Celebration 27, May, 2014


Attended church briefing last Tuesday with regard Personal Data Protection Act.
Basically, as much as possible the church will need to get consent from the members or visitors before using their personal data.
If there is a complaint, the church  may get fined.
Wah, so complicated!

After the briefing, the ministry celebrated the birthday of a member.
May God grant him all his desire!

Dinner 28, May, 2014

Just had a dinner at Carl Jr. with some friends. Old friends.
Reunion. Catching up with them. It surely brings back plenty memory.
Not to mention the surprise of seeing everyone maturing throughout the years.


I think it was my first time having Carls menu.
Free flow of drink. Pretty good deal.


My fantastic friends!
Wonder when I can catch up with them again.

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Meals 25, May, 2014

Had a tour of fantastic food last Sunday!


Healthy burger at MOS burger! It is chicken meat wrapped in cabbage.
Berry healthy!

250520147993 250520147994 250520147995

250520147996 250520147997 250520147992

My dinner with god-family!! That tomator-cheese really tasted awesome!!!!
Hmmm, when can I start learning to cook food?

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A souvenir my boss brought from Japan for me.
I was initially surprised to see the photos of the girls.

260520147998 260520148000

But later on I realized the content was cakes.
I shall share them with my god-family.


A file holder. Well, the girls are pretty.Really really pretty.
The first thought in my mind: how much make did they put on?
The second thought: just how much time did they spend on Photoshop?
Anyway, I placed the file holder at my PC at my work area.
It is not everyday I get to see girls as pretty as they are, after all.
Ok ok, I know, I like to live in fantasy world.

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Dinner After Service 24, May, 2014

Hadn’t had dinner with CG people for a long time.
Last night I had one with them.
Initially we talked about football. All of sudden, discussion moved on to politics “-_-

240520147983 240520147980 240520147981 240520147982

Yummy food, still.

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Aishiteru Kara


Saw this sweet bear display at a shop.
Beary sweet.
It reminds of me lyrics of particular song. I posted it before. But I shall post it again.

I miss you
Omoi wo sono mama dakishimete

I miss you
Kawaranu omoi wo shiritai no

I miss you
Negatteru kara

I miss you
Ima demo anata wo kanjiru yo

I miss you
Asu ni wa aeru to shinjiteru

I miss you
Aishiteru kara

I miss you..

(PS: Fortune Arterial has fantastic ending song)

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 18, May, 2014: Pearl of a Great Price

Matthew 13:45-46
Jesus is like a merchant. He considers us the pearls of great price.
How to get the pearl? The grain of sand gets stuck into oyster.
The oyster secretes liquid and wraps the grain since the grain irritates the oyster. Over time, the wrapping becomes pearl.

Rev 21:18-21
It is one big pearl, 2.2 km high door. The pearl speaks of Jesus since He dealt with much irritation.

1.) The irritation of human body.
Lord Jesus took upon human nature. The wage of sin is death. Jesus died to become our substitute of sin.
He experienced hunger, physical tiredness. He was limited in space and time.
1 Cor 15:51
This hope is for us: we’ll have a body which won’t grow old and die.

2.) The irritation of human nature.
Self preservation. Food. Sex. Possession. Dominion. Worship.
When we mishandle these natures, evil happens: food can lead to obsessive overeating, worship can lead to self worship, sex leads to fornication.
Gal 5:17, 16, 25
Sometimes when we want to obey God, the flesh rebels. We need to soak ourselves in God’s presence to fight against flesh.

3.) The irritation of temptation.
Satan knows our weak button. When we are at weakest, he comes to us and makes us doubt His work in us and His word to us. Satan tempted Jesus too.
Luke 4:13
It was constant temptation. When we are tempted, it is not sin. When we yield to temptation, it is sin.
God’s word helps us overcome the temptation.

4.) The irritation of misunderstanding
The people misunderstood His supernatural birth. The disciples misunderstood His teaching of His death.
How to handle misunderstanding? Keep it contained and don’t let it spread.

5.) The irritation of slander.
The religious leaders did their best to discredit or destroy Jesus.
Luke 11:53-54
They slandered Jesus and they even shouted His crucifixion.
Jesus helped us overcome the pain of slander: by the blood of the Lamb and our testimony.
Ps 31:13-14
We commit the slander into God’s hand.

6.) The irritation of submission
Just because we go to church, it doesn’t make us committed Christian
John 8:29
Submission isn’t one time decision. Luke 22:42
Submission without willingness isn’t true submission.

7.) The irritation of abuse.
It was emotional and physical abuse experienced by Jesus.
Luke 23:34
By forgiving, Lord Jesus wrapped the irritation
Col 1:27
As we want to shine for God, God wants people to see Christ in us.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Dinner (Connexion) 20, May, 2014

All of sudden, a friend invited to join him + other friends for a dinner yesterday.
Pretty impromptu but we had a good time.
We had dinner at Maxwell Food Center, Tanjong Pagar.

200520147952 200520147953 200520147955

200520147956 200520147957 200520147958

Very nice food and insightful conversation.
We discussed about the importance of building friendship.
Hmm, I think I should improve my skill in relating to others.


My friends and I chilling out at the nearby café.
Well, I had to leave earlier, though.
I shall fellowship with them more in the future!

Church Service 18, May, 2014

Didn’t attend Saturday service due to work.
So, I attended Sunday service last weekend instead.
It was a fantastic service, full of program.

WP_20140518_006 WP_20140518_001 WP_20140518_002

Baby dedication! The pastors prayed for the cute babies!
I want to have plenty kids in the future! Like this following image!

Natsu and Lucy 2b

Then, we had a membership promotion weekend!

WP_20140518_007 WP_20140518_008 WP_20140518_010

Well, when will I become an OM? Open-mouthed smile
After church service, I had lunch with some new friends at Marina Square.

180520147951 180520147950

Sarawak Kolo Mee. It tasted really nice!

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Guardian’s Crusade & Naruto—Love Confession

One of the sweetest moments in Guardian’s Crusade.
Nehani confessing her love toward Knight just before fighting the final boss.

Guardian Crusade

And the background music is so…. touching…. too.

Hinata had confessed her love to Naruto just before fighting Pain, a very big enemy.


Well, the question is….
When can I confess my love?
Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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