Pastor Kong’s Sermon Choosing The Right Partner for Life: The Family

There are many people today who say family is obsolete, an outdated idea.
One of the greatest problems nowadays is the breakdown of family.
Many people today no longer highly value marriage and family. Instead, they highly value individualism and personal liberty.

What is the family for? Why are Moms and Dads important?
When something is spoiled, we always refer to the manual.

Genesis 2:18, 24
Family is God’s idea.
Adam initially lived stress-free. Yet, God gave him a wife.
It is not good to be alone. Human beings are made for relationship, companionship and friendship.

4 purposes for a family.

1.) Family is a shelter from storm
Some consider family like a hotel. But, that isn’t the purpose of family.
We all face storm of life. Winds adversity hit us.
We need a place where we can find shelter and refuge, protection and security.
Proverb 14:26
Three of storms life:
– The storms of change: Any change, be it positive or negative may stress us. We all need a base, a place of stability.
– The storms of failure: Nobody wins all the times. Failure is easier to handle when there are loving hugs and kisses from family.
– The storms of rejection: It hurts to be criticized. Even a baby can feel rejection. Life is tough. Rejection is hard.
How to turn home to shelter? Hear, hug, help, hope,
We need to listen to give listening ear. We need physical affection.
We should give people what they need. We build each other up.

2.) Family is a learning center for life
We learn the most basic skills: eating, reading, walking, personal hygiene.
Family is like a garden to grow people.
Eph 6:4, Proverb 13:24, Proverb 22:15
Parents should not abuse their authority. They have the responsibility to train their children.
Admonition: discipline, godly rebuke.
If the children need discipline, we should discipline them promptly.
Parents should take charge of their children: from parents’ control, to self control, to God’s control.
Foolishness is bound in the hearts of kids. We may need to tell them what to do.
Parents should not give independence when their kids are young.
Luke 2:52. Col 3:18-22
Lord Jesus developed intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially/emotionally.
We learn relationship at home. We need to have a skill to relate to others in a healthy way.
Healthy relationship just doesn’t happen automatically. It takes a lot of transparency, forgiveness, integrity.
We learn character from family. Character is caught, not taught.
If we break our marriage vow, our children will learn to break promises too.
We need to make the right choices for our family.
We learn values in family. Value: what is important and what is not important.
It is critical to spread the right values to our kids. Some kids struggle with pornography since their dads read Playboy magazine.
Deut 6:6-7
Teaching values is part of job description of parents.

3.) The family is the place to play
It is the place of party, fun and happiness.
Ecclesiastes 9:9, Proverb 5:18, Ps 127:3,5
It is the place to relax and enjoy of life. Home is not a concentration military camp.
Do parents have fun with the children?
Healthy families make fun. Fun doesn’t happen by itself. We model fun without having to spend much finance.
If there is no fun at home, children will tend to go out with friends.
Parents only have children at home for a season. One day, they will leave home.
Hence, parents should make family as enjoyable as possible for the children in that period.

4.) Family is a launch pad for ministry
1 Tim 3:1-5, 12 , 1 Pet 3:7, Joshua 24:15
Bishop: a church leader.
If the man can’t rule over family, how can he control the people of God?
If the husband doesn’t honor the wife, God won’t honor his prayer.
The way we treat family indicates how we will treat others.
In fact, if the family serves God together, there is special glue that bonds the people into eternity.
The greatest gift parents can give to their kids is by being godly parents.
The right order of priority: God, wife then kids.
If there is any family member who isn’t a believer, we should pray for his/her salvation.


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