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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 26, April, 2014: Jesus After The Resurrection

Acts 1:1-3
Until the day He ascended to heaven, He still depended on the Holy Spirit.

Luke 24:13-16
The two disciples hoped Lord Jesus to restore Israel kingdom. However, Lord Jesus came not for earthly kingdom.

The Spirit of Truth
John 14:17
With the Holy Spirit, we will know the truth and wisdom.

The Spirit of Prayer
Luke 24:49
Tarry: to wait and pray until the Holy Spirit came. God moves when we pray.

The Spirit of grace
John 21:15-19
Lord Jesus lowered the standard from ‘agape’ to ‘phileo’. The Holy Spirit empowered Peter to die like Lord Jesus.

The Spirit of Prophecy
The challenging thing with prophecy is the time factor. The timing is in God’s hand.
What should we do? Expect it to happen soon… Meanwhile, we just get ready for it.

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