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Pastor Bernard’s Sermon 3, May, 2014

There is no new truth. There is only new light on existing truth. The Holy Spirit keeps bringing new perspective.
Dr. Bernard doesn’t pursue denomination. He pursues the truth. There are times the truth challenges our denominational beliefs.

Message: idea from the Bible essential to our growth.
Message can stir us up.  It can become movement and later on grow to denomination: word of faith, healing, intercession, prophetic, deliverance,
prosperity, Cultural Mandate, hope, reconciliation, Christian Man ministry.
Message: a specific theme taken from a larger body of Scripture.

Truth taken to the extreme can be dangerous.

When we have framework we have broad perspective, we can speak about other messages.

Acts 20:26-27, Matt 22:29, Luke 24:27, 45-46
Lord Jesus saw the entire Scripture as the whole body of truth, as framework.
Pharisee and Sadducee knew message but missed the framework: they didn’t see Jesus.
Both Lord Jesus and Apostle Paul saw the framework. Framework creates boundary to protect us.

Mosaic Law: Moral, Ceremonial, Civil. This is the framework.
There are hundreds of specific laws, but we need to see the framework.

Framework of life: mind, time, money, relationship, experience.
How do I handle all these five areas? We need framework of mind, time, money, relationship and experience.
They are there to protect us.

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