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Cycling-Dinner (Connexion) 13, May, 2014

Well, haven’t had outing with friends for a few weeks.
So, today I had a blast with them: cycling + dinner.
We had it at East Coast Park this afternoon.


Those of us who cycled and finished it earlier.
Well, we were too tired.
For me, it was my first time riding 2 in 1 bicycle. It is pretty heavy and difficult to maintain the balance.
(in physics language, I think it feels difficult to control due to longer size and hence bigger torque).

After cycling we had…. dinner!

P5130001 P5130002 P5130003

P5130005 P5130007 P5130008

Yummy seafood! Difficult to find them in a  regular hawker center.


My friends and I . Happy and full.
Do look forward to more news on the outing, ok?