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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 10, May, 2014: Mothers In Jesus’ Genealogy

Matt 1
5 mothers listed in genealogy of Jesus. They were not perfect yet they were open to God.
God honored them even though at that time women were second class citizens.

Gen 38:6-30
She married into Judah’s family. Yet, the first and second husband died.
Judah promised to give the third son into marriage with Tamar but he lied.
Judah liked to go to brothel. Tamar disguised herself like a prostitute. Judah impregnated her without knowing.
In the end, Judah took responsibility over his action.
What God wants from a man: decisiveness, consistency, strength.

Rahab owned a brothel house.
She met the spies and was touched by the story of God which the spies had said.
She had so much faith in God that she was listed as the heroine of faith.
No matter how far we have fallen in sin, God honors faith and conviction.

Ruth had a hard life. She was from Moab.
Even though the men in the family died, Ruth was so faithful to Naomi.
God honors faithfulness and sent Boaz to marry Ruth.

She was very beautiful to look. One day she bathed and David saw her.
They committed adultery but they repented.
Don’t let one sin define us.

Mary was the most honored. She had amazing ability to obey God.
She obeyed Him even though she had to endure the shame of pregnancy out of wedlock.

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