Pastor Kong’s Sermon 18, May, 2014: Pearl of a Great Price

Matthew 13:45-46
Jesus is like a merchant. He considers us the pearls of great price.
How to get the pearl? The grain of sand gets stuck into oyster.
The oyster secretes liquid and wraps the grain since the grain irritates the oyster. Over time, the wrapping becomes pearl.

Rev 21:18-21
It is one big pearl, 2.2 km high door. The pearl speaks of Jesus since He dealt with much irritation.

1.) The irritation of human body.
Lord Jesus took upon human nature. The wage of sin is death. Jesus died to become our substitute of sin.
He experienced hunger, physical tiredness. He was limited in space and time.
1 Cor 15:51
This hope is for us: we’ll have a body which won’t grow old and die.

2.) The irritation of human nature.
Self preservation. Food. Sex. Possession. Dominion. Worship.
When we mishandle these natures, evil happens: food can lead to obsessive overeating, worship can lead to self worship, sex leads to fornication.
Gal 5:17, 16, 25
Sometimes when we want to obey God, the flesh rebels. We need to soak ourselves in God’s presence to fight against flesh.

3.) The irritation of temptation.
Satan knows our weak button. When we are at weakest, he comes to us and makes us doubt His work in us and His word to us. Satan tempted Jesus too.
Luke 4:13
It was constant temptation. When we are tempted, it is not sin. When we yield to temptation, it is sin.
God’s word helps us overcome the temptation.

4.) The irritation of misunderstanding
The people misunderstood His supernatural birth. The disciples misunderstood His teaching of His death.
How to handle misunderstanding? Keep it contained and don’t let it spread.

5.) The irritation of slander.
The religious leaders did their best to discredit or destroy Jesus.
Luke 11:53-54
They slandered Jesus and they even shouted His crucifixion.
Jesus helped us overcome the pain of slander: by the blood of the Lamb and our testimony.
Ps 31:13-14
We commit the slander into God’s hand.

6.) The irritation of submission
Just because we go to church, it doesn’t make us committed Christian
John 8:29
Submission isn’t one time decision. Luke 22:42
Submission without willingness isn’t true submission.

7.) The irritation of abuse.
It was emotional and physical abuse experienced by Jesus.
Luke 23:34
By forgiving, Lord Jesus wrapped the irritation
Col 1:27
As we want to shine for God, God wants people to see Christ in us.

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