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Meals 25, May, 2014

Had a tour of fantastic food last Sunday!


Healthy burger at MOS burger! It is chicken meat wrapped in cabbage.
Berry healthy!

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My dinner with god-family!! That tomator-cheese really tasted awesome!!!!
Hmmm, when can I start learning to cook food?

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A souvenir my boss brought from Japan for me.
I was initially surprised to see the photos of the girls.

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But later on I realized the content was cakes.
I shall share them with my god-family.


A file holder. Well, the girls are pretty.Really really pretty.
The first thought in my mind: how much make did they put on?
The second thought: just how much time did they spend on Photoshop?
Anyway, I placed the file holder at my PC at my work area.
It is not everyday I get to see girls as pretty as they are, after all.
Ok ok, I know, I like to live in fantasy world.

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