Dr. Robi’s Teaching 24, May, 2014

We may experience a tragedy.
In the Bible, the Bible heroes were knocked down yet they got back up again.
Emotional resilience. We should be strong and flexible.
When the storms come, the trees bend down. When the storms stop, the trees resume their original position.
Job had all the tragedy thrown at him. Yet, he trusted God and in the end he received much more blessing after the tragedy.

When we get knocked down, do we stay down? Can we recover after receiving much tragedy?
Can we become better after trauma?
Just like near death experience, people tend to appreciate life more after such experience.
What is the factor that makes people grow better after trauma?

5 unique characteristic of emotional resilience.

1.) religiousness
Belief that God cares.
Whatever the challenge, God does not always get us out of trauma. God can always get us through it.
God is helping us navigate through bad things. They genuinely believe God has the best interest of us in His heart
1 Pet 5:6-7

2.) gratitude
I have something to thank God for. Gratitude resets our emotion anew.
1 Thes 5:18
There is peace as we thank God. As we pass through the fire, our chaff will burn away too. Grateful people experience less envy.

3.) kindness
We do things for the sake of blessing others.
Gal 6:9
Do not become weary in doing good.

4.) hope.
Hope is something we cultivate. Trusting God that tomorrow will be better.
2 Cor 4:16-18
Hope is an indicator of success in business, relationship and academic. We don’t hope in ourselves, we hope in God.

5.) courage / bravery.
To go back to face the fear one more time.
2 Tim 1:7.
Sound mind: logical thinking what to do in circumstance.

God can fill the hole in our souls with His peace.
Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.
Bravery maybe the final characteristic but it all starts with the belief that God cares.

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