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Irony of Furtherance of the Gospel

An insightful message from Pastor Tan Ye Peng during the Bible Study on the book Philippians.
Apostle Paul was in house arrest. He heard many trouble regarding the churches in different regions.
So, he wrote letters to the churches to address those issues.

Now, I really believe Apostle Paul’s house arrest was not God’s initiative.
It sounds more like the devil was preventing Apostle Paul from doing mission.
Yet, somehow God turned it into good, furthering the sake of the gospel.
An irony. Really an irony.
If Apostle Paul had not been in house arrest, he would have come to those churches and solving their problems face to face.
However, if that had been the case, he would not have the Epistles in the Bible.
Because of the house arrest, we have Epistles now.

God can reverse the devil’s plan for Apostle Paul.
Similarly, whatever bad situation now, God can turn it into something good.
A wonderful irony.

Hmm, when will God turn the situation around for CHC leaders during this trying time…?
Soon, hopefully.

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