by Serina Perera

We can all afford to exercise little kindness towards others each day.
Kindness Day SG falls on May 30-why not make the whole month of May Kindness Month.

The world we live in has grown increasingly stressful through the years.
There are deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, deals to close, money to earn…
And time is almost never on our side. What that leaves us with is a society characterized by a high level of impatience and a low level of tolerance.

Deep in our hearts and at the back of our minds, we intend to be kind, patient and understanding…
but the hustle and bustle of life often gets the better of us.

The Bible reveals the secret to being kind- 1 John 3:18 (NKJV) says,
“… let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and truth.”
We have to practice being kind (doing the deed) until it becomes second nature-truth-to us.

We all have differing personalities and backgrounds. While being kind and tolerant is easy for some, it is a real challenge for others.
As Christians, we are called to develop the fruit of the Spirit, including kindness and patience; and fruit is cultivated by choice.
Yes, we can choose to be kind! We just have to practice until it comes easily to us.

“But I don’t want to be a doormat for others to trample upon!”
“Why should benefit others at the expense of myself or my family?”
“Am I not entitled as well?”
Such thoughts often flash through our minds just as we are deciding to exercise kindness.

But the Word of God is one step ahead!

Proverbs 11:17 (MSG) says that when “you’re kind to others, you help yourself.”
The TLB version of the same Bible verse says that “your soul is nourished when you are kind.”
The NKJV version says, “The merciful man does good for his own soul.”

We often think that when we are kind to others, they benefit at our expense.
But that is the farthest from truth.
Being kind, exercising patience and tolerance enriches our own life and makes living meaningful-for others and even more so for ourselves.

Kindness is a gift that keeps on giving, and passes from one person to another.
It grows into respect in how we treat people on a daily basis.

Kindness is something achievable, but it has to start with us. And there’s no better place than to begin at home.
In line with Kindness Day SG on May 30 (, let’s make the month of May a month
where we consciously make an effort to be kind, friendly, tolerant and show preference to one another here at City Harvest Church.

Here are some ways to spread a little kindness in church:

1. Always share a smile with someone in church. You never know if you might make a difference to someone who is having a bad day.

2. Thank and appreciate the greeter who welcomes you, or the usher who shows you to your seat.

3. Do not reserve seat for someone who is not there. Rather, give preference to those who make it a point to arrive early for service.

4. The elderly, as well as those with strollers or on the wheelchairs should always have priority when it comes to taking the elevators.

5. Lend a helping hand to children, pregnant women, the elderly or someone with a stroller when traveling up or down the escalators.

6. Be sure to walk briskly once you step off the escalators, so as to prevent the dangers of congestion.

7. Spare a thought for others! Ensure that the toilets are clean after use.

8. Dispose of your food and drink after consumption. Treat our church property/furniture as your own. Our church is our home!

9. If there is a long line of cars waiting to exit the car park, take turns to move off and always give way to others.
If someone give way to you, wave your hand and say “Thank you!”

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