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CG Sermon 12, June, 2014: Daily Encounter with God Part 1

Gen 3:9
When was the last time we encountered God?
Sometimes we are so occupied with life and busyness that we forget God has taken care of our needs.
Do we want to meet God?

Phil 3:8,10-11
Whatever education or career, Apostle Paul counted it as nothing. He wanted to know God.

Why do we need personal encounter with God?
1.) we were created for personal relationship with God
God made us in His image so we can relate to Him.
2.) personal encounter will strengthen and revive us.
1 King 19:1-8
God, through an angel, touched Elijah. God’s presence is the source of strength.
3.) a personal encounter will change us forever.
Lord Jesus met Saul. Saul then became Paul.

Without experiencing God,
1.) we’ll feel hollow
2.) we’ll feel lethargic
3.) we will not grow to become like Christ

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