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Dr. Robi’s Teaching 14, June, 2014: Noah’s Ark

Genesis 6:12-15, 17-19, 22
God instructed Noah the detail of the ark. Sometimes we need to linger longer to get instruction from God.
What if Noah had built a park instead of ark? He would experienced much discouragement.

People experience hopelessness due to lack of vision.
People without vision perish.
Counterfeit hope comes in response to being sure what we can see.

When God tells us what to do and how to do, we should not give up.
When we do things contrary to God’s plan, we should just give up.
Sometimes God gives idea which we can’t think of. We should just obey that.
We shouldn’t carry out God’s plan using our own strategy.
Abraham used a human way to fulfill God’s plan. He ended up with Ishmael.
Joshua obeyed God’s instruction to encircle Jericho.

2 Kings 6:8-23
The importance of seeing in spirit.
Spiritual blindness is your inability to see how much God cares for us.
The greatest insult: saying God doesn’t care after all Lord Jesus has done.
Elisha had the ability to see through God’s eyes. He could see the fire horses in the supernatural.
To see things through God’s eyes, we sometimes have to close our own.

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