Dinner After Service 21, June, 2014

Had dinner last Saturday with CG after the service.
The brought me to Soup Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant near Fountain of Wealth.


The drink and the rice came first.
Well, since I was hungry, I ate a bit of the rice.
Even plain rice tastes nice for an empty tummy.

WP_20140621_029 WP_20140621_028

Finally!! The dish came!!
A friend suggested that I should wrap the chicken in the cabbage and eat it like a hamburger.
Well, actually, I eat hamburger piece by piece: the bread then the lettuce then the patty then the tomato/cucumber then the bread again.
In the end, I really took the chicken and cabbage individually.

WP_20140621_033 WP_20140621_030 WP_20140621_031

The tofu tasted really sweet! I like!
That long bean was there to balance the meal. Can’t be all meat, correct?
Luckily a friend used his OCBC credit card… free salmon!!! It tasted nice too!!

I am looking forward to having dinner with CG people again!

Posted June 23, 2014 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Cell Group, Food

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