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CleanMET 2-4, June, 2014

An exhibition at Marina Bay Sands early this week.
Different companies came and showed case their products in keeping the environment clean.
The company I worked in participated as well. Our booth was located at A2.

030620148176 030620148173

I really like the design of the booth.
While other booths were just square cubicle, the company had this unique design.

030620148178 030620148174 030620148177

My colleagues gave a demo on the instrument.
Yep, they made one sale of machine on that day!

030620148183 030620148179 030620148180

030620148181 030620148182

Some happenings during the event.
Hmm, how should I make Singapore cleaner?
Perhaps by making the best floor cleaner ever??

CG Sermon 22, May, 2014

Why is the call of discipleship important?

Matt 28:19
Jesus instructed His disciples to disciple others. We have to make disciple, it is not just by chance we meet disciple.

Matt 28:20
Discipleship: observation. It isn’t just instruction. Lord Jesus spent time with His disciples and taught them through daily activities.

Matt 4:17-19
Follow Jesus. It’s a process. Discipleship is about developing character.

1.) our values are challenged
2.) our attitudes are fine tuned
3.) our character is developed.

Paul instructed Timothy to teach others who are able to teach. The requirement:
1.) faithful
2.) able, well trained.
We have to look at Jesus’ character, value and attitude. Through pastor, we are indirectly discipled by Christ.

What do we need to ask ourselves regarding discipleship?
1.) Are you willing to change? When God says something for us to do, do we obey Him immediately?
2.) Are you willing to follow? Faithful following is obedience in action.
God works through faith. He wants us to obey Him first before revealing things.
3.) Are you willing to learn? When the teaching comes, do we receive it?
God may use someone younger and less experienced to teach us. The more teachable we are, the more pain we are spared from.
4.) Are we willing to participate? When the situation gets tough, it is time to practice what we learn.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 31, May, 2014: The Symbols of Holy Spirit

In the Trinity, the Holy Spirit seems to be the most mysterious. The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as:

1.) the Holy Spirit is like oil.
Oil gives light. In the midst of darkness, we can see the light of truth.
When Lord Jesus was anointed, He knew how to use it to heal the broken-hearted.
The anointing isn’t just power. We shouldn’t just go by logic, we should go according the Spirit’s leading.

2.) the  Holy Spirit is like atmosphere.
The Spirit hovers, waiting for God’s word to be spoken.
The Spirit falls on people when there is faith and expectation.
Luke 5:17.
The atmosphere was there to heal them. God wants to fill us with His atmosphere.

3.) the Holy Spirit is like wind.
Acts 2:2.
When the Holy Spirit moves, there is no stopping it.
Acts 2:1.
There has to be unity in the church in prayer.

4.) the Holy Spirit is like a dove.
He is peace, the Spirit brings peace to our situation.
In the midst of anxiety, we need to be open to the Holy Spirit.

5.) the Holy Spirit is like fire.
The Spirit purifies us. These 4 years of trial in CHC will make the members purer. 

6.) the Holy Spirit is like clothing.
Judges 6:34.
Clothing speaks of authority.

7.) the Holy Spirit is like water.
John 7:38-39.
The Spirit brings refreshing and restoration.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Meals 1, May, 2014



A feast last Sunday!
My god-mommy cooked fantastic meals! Very colorful and the photos look nice!
Hmm, I should start learning to cook soon too!! ~ ~ ~ ~

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Dr. Robi’s Teaching 24, May, 2014

We may experience a tragedy.
In the Bible, the Bible heroes were knocked down yet they got back up again.
Emotional resilience. We should be strong and flexible.
When the storms come, the trees bend down. When the storms stop, the trees resume their original position.
Job had all the tragedy thrown at him. Yet, he trusted God and in the end he received much more blessing after the tragedy.

When we get knocked down, do we stay down? Can we recover after receiving much tragedy?
Can we become better after trauma?
Just like near death experience, people tend to appreciate life more after such experience.
What is the factor that makes people grow better after trauma?

5 unique characteristic of emotional resilience.

1.) religiousness
Belief that God cares.
Whatever the challenge, God does not always get us out of trauma. God can always get us through it.
God is helping us navigate through bad things. They genuinely believe God has the best interest of us in His heart
1 Pet 5:6-7

2.) gratitude
I have something to thank God for. Gratitude resets our emotion anew.
1 Thes 5:18
There is peace as we thank God. As we pass through the fire, our chaff will burn away too. Grateful people experience less envy.

3.) kindness
We do things for the sake of blessing others.
Gal 6:9
Do not become weary in doing good.

4.) hope.
Hope is something we cultivate. Trusting God that tomorrow will be better.
2 Cor 4:16-18
Hope is an indicator of success in business, relationship and academic. We don’t hope in ourselves, we hope in God.

5.) courage / bravery.
To go back to face the fear one more time.
2 Tim 1:7.
Sound mind: logical thinking what to do in circumstance.

God can fill the hole in our souls with His peace.
Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.
Bravery maybe the final characteristic but it all starts with the belief that God cares.

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Birthday Celebration 26, May, 2014

It looks like I have been posting a lot on birthday celebration.
Indeed, it feels good to relive a happy memory.
Family, friendship. No man is an island.



Fantastic food prepared by my god-Mommy. Healthy as she used olive oil.

260520148044 260520148022 260520148026

My god-family interacting one with another.


Pink birthday cake! Durian taste. Yummy!



The birthday girl taking photos with different members of family and relatives.
Happy birthday! Enjoy your special day!

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Sun’s Birthday Celebration 31, May, 2014

A surprise birthday celebration for Sun!!!!
In the middle of church service, the video crew flashed a birthday video with Despicable Me singing birthday song.
After that, they flashed video of birthday greeting from Pastor Kong and Dayan toward Sun.
”Thank you for being such a wonderful wife and mother. You’re my best friend,” Pastor Kong said.

WP_20140531_006 WP_20140531_008WP_20140531_010WP_20140531_011


Happy birthday, Sun!
May God grant you your birthday wish!