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Church Service 26, July, 2014

It was a fantastic weekend church service! A lot of happening!


My tuition student in church passed me this cake.
He thanked me for being a blessing to him. I thanked him for the cupcake too.
Well, a tutor’s satisfaction!


We celebrated church 25th birthday!!
A lot of testimony on how God has blessed us in the past 25 years.
Many tears were shared as different ones sharing their testimony.

WP_20140726_010 WP_20140726_006

Cake cutting session!
Well, is the cake enough to be shared among thousands of people? Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Lunch (Connexion) 28, July, 2014

Finally!! Managed to catch up with my team 2 mates yesterday on public holiday!
Haven’t had a good chat with them for very long as we at times only bumped into each other in church.
We met up at Kungfu Paradise at Bugis+ and had lunch there.

WP_20140728_013 WP_20140728_006 WP_20140728_009

WP_20140728_010 WP_20140728_011 WP_20140728_012

Yummy food! It was my first time there~~


Managed to take photo of some of them.
Others came late. Hence I couldn’t take photos with them.

Hopefully I can see them again this Saturday~~

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KTV-Dinner (Connexion) 27, July, 2014

Yooooz! After 2 weeks, we had another unofficial Connexion outing!
Yesterday some of us went for karaoke session.
I heard it fun and cheap. Well, the IC happens to like Teo Heng a loooot.
I could not sing together with them. But at least, I had dinner with them.

270720148650 270720148645 270720148646

270720148648 270720148649 270720148658

270720148655 270720148656 270720148657

Super yummy Korean food.
We had a great time of talking about life. It is great to know others better.
Oh, hopefully the real objective of any Connexion outing will come to pass soon too~~~

WP_20140727_001 270720148663 270720148665

270720148666 270720148668

Our fun loving people.
Do look forward to the next outing news, ok?

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Dinner 25, July, 2014

Yooooozzzz! Had a wonderful catch up last night with 3 friends whom I had not seen for veeeeeerrrryyy looong!
We had dinner at Plaza Singapura.
Well, I was late in meeting them as my work ended late too.

WP_20140725_033 WP_20140725_034 WP_20140725_035

Appetizer at DOME! Mushroom and tomato soup + English breakfast.

WP_20140725_036 WP_20140725_037

WP_20140725_038 WP_20140725_039

Our main course arrived! Guess which one was mine???
We talked about life, about work and about people from another country.
We teased one of us who is way older than the rest~~~

WP_20140725_040 WP_20140725_041

Then, we chilled out at one of the dessert shop in the basement.
We played game of guessing.
At least I was not the one getting the most wrong Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Shall catch up with them again soon!!

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 19, July, 2014

What is the Great Commission?

Mark 16:15
We need to creatively engage the marketplace. Once we are inside the marketplace, we need to preach the Gospel.

Acts 17:16-34
Athens was the leading city of culture. Apostle Paul spent time preaching in the synagogue and marketplace.
He was then invited to preach at Areopagus

1 Cor 9:22-23
Apostle Paul used the culture to evangelize. Bishop Dionysius transformed the arts and entertainment for Gospel.

2 Cor 5:14-15
Love of Christ compels us to carry out mission.
1.) we are sent on a mission to engage culture.
2.) we are sent on a mission to preach the Gospel.
3.) we are sent on a mission to live for Jesus

How far do we go into the world?

John 17:18-19
This mission requires us to be like Jesus. We are in the world but not of the world.
4 possibilities of being “in the world” and “of the world’’.

1.) Alienation
The church is against culture.
Jer 29:5
The people of God were in Babylon, an evil and sophisticated city. Yet, God told them not to withdraw.

2.) Extraction
The church builds subculture.
Jer 29:7
Yet, God told them to assimilate with the culture.
John 1:14
Lord Jesus went to the neighborhood.

3.) Accommodation
The church is just like culture.
Lord Jesus befriended with sinners yet He didn’t compromise.
Jer 29:8
Don’t embrace whatever bad things the culture teaches.

4.) Transformation
Holy counterculture
While we are physically there, we are morally different.
Holiness is the mark of the kingdom.
Galatians 5:19-21
These are common things yet Christians must avoid them.
We need to be deeply aware of what God says and what the world says.

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Little Kid’s Behavior

Little kids are cute and adorable.
However, there are so many things they need to learn.
As adults, we should be on guard at all times.
We need to protect them from danger.
However, at the same time, we need to prevent them from putting others in danger.

Alertness is the key.

A little kid was sleeping with his grandmother.
While she was sleeping, he woke up. He then grabbed a glass container.
What happened next?
He threw the glass container and it hit her forehead.

An autistic child was initially quiet.
Beside him was his little baby brother.
All of sudden, he stretched his hand and hit his baby brother’s eye.
The baby brother cried and the mother immediately rushed into the room.

Very essential. Important.

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Saturday Service 19, July, 2014

Yoooz, the church did something unusual last Saturday!
They turned off the light in the hall.
As we were singing “God is fighting for us pushing through the darkness”, many of us lifted up our smart phones and used the flash light function.


Well, pre candle light service? Smile with tongue out
Indeed, in the midst of this challenging time for church, God’s light still shines for us.

Then my celebrated… a member’s birthday!!


Happy birthday, YJ!! May God grant you all your wishes!

Quote of the Day: A Hokage is…

“A Hokage is someone who, standing the pain, walks in front of everyone else.
It’s someone that breaks through a dead end for everyone to pass.”


An inspiring quote from Naruto series.
A leader is someone who takes charge, who initiates the step, finding the solution for a given problem.
He is the first one to endure the pain so he can finally help others who go through similar pain.
In the sense, Lord Jesus did the same as the Captain of salvation.

I am a leader. I want to be a leader.
Someone who will take the bullet first so others won’t get shot.
Someone who will clear the way as much as possible for others to pass.

The training to be a leader starts now.

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CHC Trial 18, July, 2014 (Day 47-Day 5 Tranche 4)

Phew. One heavy week for John Lam, I believe.
For now, he can rest until 4, August when the cross examination continues.
So far he can answer well, with perhaps one hiccup when Chew Eng Han asked him a lot.
God’s vindication shall be upon him.

Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, July, 2014: The God Who Sends

God always sends, both young and old.

Is 6:8
Isaiah had a revelation of God as Sender. He sent Lord Jesus to save the world.

Matt 10:16
Lord Jesus, in turn, sent His disciples. Send: sum, totality of God’s creativity.
God is missional God. Mission is who we are. It is a lifestyle of every believer.
Imago Dei: Image of God

Gen 1-2
Missio Dei: mission of God.
God is on a mission to save the world.
Apostle Paul realized the importance of mission. We need to see God’s mission for the world.

1 Cor 9:23
Rm 10:14
Friendship evangelism. We still need to share about Jesus.
Relational soul winning isn’t soul winning until Jesus is mentioned. The eternity of our friends lie on the balance.

Mark 16:15
World: kosmos: social media.
Daniel adopted Babylonian’s identity and served Nebuchadnezzar. Yet, the king realized the glory of God.
Cultural heroes like Daniel and Joseph are soul winners.
We should talk about God whenever there is an opportunity.

Why does God heal us? He wants us to be healthy so we can evangelize.
Why does God bless our finance? He wants us to finance the work of His kingdom.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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