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Oral Defence 1, July, 2014

After 4.5 years…
Finally, the day arrived.. when I presented my work.
The day of… Oral Defence!!!

2014-07-01 11.42.20


Phew, I really tried my best to impress the audience and the professors.
In the end… thank God I passed!!!
“It was more like a show than an Oral Defence”, an examiner commented.
Well, even the closed door session was a session of laughter!! :P :P :P




Took photos with my brothers in arms.
Really, PhD life is more bearable when you know others who share the same hardship like you.




Dinner treat from my PhD supervisor!
Super yummy food and I was the one clearing the food ~ ~ ~ ~

“Jefri, what do you do in your work?” a professor asked during dinner.
“I scrubbed and mopped the floor.”

Yes, I am serious. Scrubbing the floor is my bread and butter.
:P :P :P

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Emerge Weekend 28, June, 2014


Attended a special weekend church service last Saturday: Emerge Weekend!
The youth really showcased their talents on the stage.
Once in a year, I don’t mind seeing a rock concert in church.
After all, June holiday season. The youth needed some break from school.
Another interesting thing: there was an after party after the church service!
Bernard and others really brought the house down! The DJ performance was superb too!
While I am not as young as them, I am still young at heart ~ ~ ~ ~

Karaoke + Dinner + Movie (Connexion) 29, June, 2014

Had a wonderful outing with friends last Sunday!
Well, they had karaoke session in the afternoon which I could not join in.
Nevertheless, I joined them for dinner and movie outing.






We had dinner at Just Acia Dhoby Ghaut.
It was a quick one since we were soooo eager to watch Transformers.


We took photo before watching it.


We took photo again after watching it!
Somehow I fellowship with them more often than with my own CG people :P
Well, do look forward to the news of the next outing, ok?