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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 28, June, 2014: Engaging the Campus

Mark 16:15
World: kosmos.
All of society: religion, family, business, education, government, arts & entertainment, media.
Abraham Kuyper said that Christians should look at the world in cultural spheres.
All of creation belongs to Christ.
Col 1:20.
What should be our worldview? How to bring Christ into our world?

5 spheres:

– Church
One of the oldest institution in the world.
Church is physical building to display God’s glory.
Church is the bride to display God’s beauty.
Church is the body to do God’s work.
Church is made of imperfect people. We hurt and are hurt. Yet, God uses the imperfection to teach us to love others.

It is not good for a man to be alone. We thrive in relationships.
We should honor our parents.
Friendship can be joy and disappointment. We should choose friends wisely.
Romance and sex. Love relationship is good but we need to be open to God’s timing.
Youth should grow in the power of singleness. While they are young, they have more time to do God’s work.

– Academics
Work is God’s design to make us become more like Jesus.
Work can be worship. We worship God by working hard. Christians should be the most diligent people.
At the same time, success must never be an idol: we are Christians first then students second.
We seek first God and His kingdom.

– Leadership
Leadership is about influence. We become great in life not by climbing up but by climbing down.
At the same time, we should not turn down the offer to be leaders.

– Party and Pleasure
God isn’t against fun. He instructed festive after festive in the Old Testament.
There should be a holy counter culture. We need to know the Bible well and understand what the world does.

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