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Board Game + Dinner (Connexion) 2014, July, 13

Yesssshhh!! Another Connexion outing!!!
It was rather a challenge for me to come up with an event 2 weeks after Transformers outing.
Thank God thing went smoothly!! Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile

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Board game at Mind Café. Well, the objective was to fellowship, not to win the game.

130720148579 130720148578

We celebrated our friend’s birthday too!! Happy birthday, Yang Pan! May God grant you all your wishes!
2 hours of board game passed unknowingly! Wow! Next time we should play longer!
Hungry. Dinner time. We went to…. Pasta Mania!

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130720148587 130720148588 130720148589

Nice food with wonderful session of getting to know each other better!


Yup, a participant photo-bombed the picture.

130720148594 130720148591 130720148592

130720148599 130720148596 130720148597

Happy and smiley, people!
Can’t wait to bump into them in church!!!!

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