Dinner 25, July, 2014

Yooooozzzz! Had a wonderful catch up last night with 3 friends whom I had not seen for veeeeeerrrryyy looong!
We had dinner at Plaza Singapura.
Well, I was late in meeting them as my work ended late too.

WP_20140725_033 WP_20140725_034 WP_20140725_035

Appetizer at DOME! Mushroom and tomato soup + English breakfast.

WP_20140725_036 WP_20140725_037

WP_20140725_038 WP_20140725_039

Our main course arrived! Guess which one was mine???
We talked about life, about work and about people from another country.
We teased one of us who is way older than the rest~~~

WP_20140725_040 WP_20140725_041

Then, we chilled out at one of the dessert shop in the basement.
We played game of guessing.
At least I was not the one getting the most wrong Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Shall catch up with them again soon!!

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