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Quote of the Day: A Hokage is…

“A Hokage is someone who, standing the pain, walks in front of everyone else.
It’s someone that breaks through a dead end for everyone to pass.”


An inspiring quote from Naruto series.
A leader is someone who takes charge, who initiates the step, finding the solution for a given problem.
He is the first one to endure the pain so he can finally help others who go through similar pain.
In the sense, Lord Jesus did the same as the Captain of salvation.

I am a leader. I want to be a leader.
Someone who will take the bullet first so others won’t get shot.
Someone who will clear the way as much as possible for others to pass.

The training to be a leader starts now.

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CHC Trial 18, July, 2014 (Day 47-Day 5 Tranche 4)

Phew. One heavy week for John Lam, I believe.
For now, he can rest until 4, August when the cross examination continues.
So far he can answer well, with perhaps one hiccup when Chew Eng Han asked him a lot.
God’s vindication shall be upon him.

Pastor Kong’s Sermon 12, July, 2014: The God Who Sends

God always sends, both young and old.

Is 6:8
Isaiah had a revelation of God as Sender. He sent Lord Jesus to save the world.

Matt 10:16
Lord Jesus, in turn, sent His disciples. Send: sum, totality of God’s creativity.
God is missional God. Mission is who we are. It is a lifestyle of every believer.
Imago Dei: Image of God

Gen 1-2
Missio Dei: mission of God.
God is on a mission to save the world.
Apostle Paul realized the importance of mission. We need to see God’s mission for the world.

1 Cor 9:23
Rm 10:14
Friendship evangelism. We still need to share about Jesus.
Relational soul winning isn’t soul winning until Jesus is mentioned. The eternity of our friends lie on the balance.

Mark 16:15
World: kosmos: social media.
Daniel adopted Babylonian’s identity and served Nebuchadnezzar. Yet, the king realized the glory of God.
Cultural heroes like Daniel and Joseph are soul winners.
We should talk about God whenever there is an opportunity.

Why does God heal us? He wants us to be healthy so we can evangelize.
Why does God bless our finance? He wants us to finance the work of His kingdom.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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CHC Trial 17, July, 2014 (Day 46-Day 4 Tranche 4)

Hmmm, all of sudden there was disharmony between John Lam and Chew Eng Han.
What was happening?
Well, hopefully there will be more explanation when Chew Eng Han took the witness stand.
Anyway, I am glad N. Sreenivasan managed to bring the big the picture back to the discussion.

CHC Trial 16, July, 2014 (Day 45-Day 3 Tranche 4)

During the previous tranches, I remember I did not read anything regarding convertibility of Xtron bond.
Now, more and more details are coming up.
Keep them coming! Let the truth be revealed! Let the leaders’ integrity be revealed!
;) ;) ;)

CHC Trial 15, July, 2014 (Day 44-Day 2 Tranche 4)

Prosecution’s case: “Mr John Lam was part of a plan, an unholy design, to dishonestly misuse church funds to personally benefit Sun Ho.”
It looks like Senior Counsel Kenneth Tan has managed to shoot down this case~~~~

CHC Trial 14, July, 2014 (Day 43-Day 1 Tranche 4)

Finally! The leaders got the chance to explain their action!
John Lam kicked start the ball.
He explained the reasoning behind Crossover Project and CHC Investment Policy.
I shall pray for their vindication!!! :D :D :D