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Elvis and Chloe Wedding 30, August, 2014

Yooozzz! Hadn’t attended wedding ceremony for quite some time.
So, I attended a wedding of a looooong time friend yesterday. In fact, we used to be in the same CG.
Hmm, if I remember correctly, Elvis invited me to join the Cell Group when I was just a walk in~~~
So, the big day arrived!!!

300820148932 300820148930 300820148931

Hmm, nice decoration and photo shot! I believe it wasn’t easy to find such a beautiful background.

300820148928 300820148936 

Took photos with friends too~~


And… the bride and the groom entered into the hall!

300820148947 300820148949 300820148945

There was a narration on their journey from day 1 to wedding day

300820148956 300820148954 300820148955

Signing the certificate which has no expiry date and the name cannot be changed.

300820148963 300820148961 300820148962

Pastor Aries solemnized the wedding~~~

300820148970 300820148972 300820148973

300820148975 300820148976 300820148967

Then… lunch reception!! Man, I was soooo hungry!!
Hehee, it was my breakfast, lunch and dinner session. Hehehe.

Congratulations, Elvis and Chloe!
Have a blissful married life!!

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CHC Trial 29, August, 2014 (Day 67-Day 20 Tranche 5)

Hmm, I keep seeing this pattern of Q&A.
Quite a few times, the prosecution kept mentioning the investment was sham.
Quite a few times, Pastor Kong responded by saying it was not sham as there was every intention to repay the bond as one can see from the various budget planning.
Shouldn’t the prosecution refute it by saying there was no intention to repay the bond? Or, is it just me?

Indeed, Pastor Kong did not reveal some facts from the Executive Members and Management Board.
When I first heard it, I found it unusual.
Now that Pastor Kong has mentioned the reason, I can understand.
Crossover Project may be a sensitive project and Pastor Kong wasn’t legally required to reveal some of the facts.

Prosecution mentioned the leaders were the ones controlling the fund by telling Wahju when to pay the fund.
It turned out that the reason was because Wahju needed guidance as he was not involved in daily operation of Crossover Project.
Hmm, the explanation makes sense, actually.

I am glad to hear Pastor Kong can explain evidence after evidence.
Really, it pays a lot to hear the leaders explaining their action!!
Now, break period, everyone~~~

CHC Trial 28, August, 2014 (Day 66-Day 19 Tranche 5)

Pastor Tan was tasked by Pastor Kong to find out ‘real money’ outside the bonds between CHC, Xtron and Firna.
Indeed, when I first heard about this line, I had this impression about round-tripping.
However, now that Pastor Kong has explained the context, things become clearer.
They were just waiting for the album to be launched, hence Xtron issued more bonds to pay the interest to church.

Well, I understand there were various reasons for album not to be launched.
If only the album had been launched…. perhaps Xtron would have gained much profit to prevent this apparent round-tripping…

CHC Trial 27, August, 2014 (Day 65-Day 18 Tranche 5)

In research, one of the best ways to ensure an experimental result is accurate is that the researchers should carry out different experiments.
All the results should then link to one another, leading to one complete, flowing story.
Well, it won’t be just an ‘article’ or ‘communications’, it will be a ‘full paper’.

Reading the news on prosecution’s questions, it is clear that the prosecution tried their best to break the link in Pastor Kong’s chain of arguments.
They asked questions upon questions upon every email.
By God’s grace, Pastor Kong’s argument has been consistent and the link has not been broken.

Yessshhh!!! That’s Pastor Kong for you and me!!!

CHC Trial 26, August, 2014 (Day 64-Day 17 Tranche 5)

Hmm, Xtron bond could have been a junk bond. Really confusing.
The lawyers drafted the bond agreement. At first they did not mention it was junk bond.
Later on, they told Pastor Kong it was a junk bond.
How would Pastor Kong know about it, really, since he relied on their advice?

Hmm, there was a suggestion to encourage the church members to purchase Sun’s mandarin album Embrace.
Well, too bad I do not understand Chinese.
If I did, I might have considered buying it. Hehehe~~~

Go go go, Pastor Kong! Stay strong! The LORD is with you!

CHC Trial 25, August, 2014 (Day 63-Day 16 Tranche 5)


Hmmmm, according to Pastor Kong, he was very open to brother Foong. Brother Foong even knew Xtron had losses.
Yet, he didn’t say it was a sham bond.
According to prosecutors, brother Foong didn’t say it was sham because Pastor Kong had not told him some other information.
One may wonder what additional information Pastor Kong should have told brother Foong, really.

On the other hand, Pastor Kong admitted it he lacked understanding on how the bonds work, leading him to email Justin Herz to delay payment.
I remember Pastor Kong mentioned on the stage he lacked wisdom on certain transaction.
So, I guess, this is one of those moments.

Anyway, all the best, Pastor Kong! My prayer is for you!

Escape Game (Connexion) 24, August, 2014

Finally!!! We had another unofficial event of Connexion… Escape Game!
Hmm, they actually had other outings this month: Bukit Timah Trail Walk and Movie outing: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
However, I didn’t join them as I had other activities on Sunday too.
So, I joined them yesterday and it was …… well, interesting.

240820148869 240820148866 240820148868

We came in to Freeing SG at Bukit+ at Level 7.
Full of confidence that we would be able to solve the puzzle and escape from the room.
In the end….

240820148874 240820148872 240820148873

None of us managed to escape the room in 45 minutes!!!!!
Ahhhh!! So demoralizing!!


Never mind, we are confident we can do better next time.
Hopefully we can organize another one when there is another promotion~~
After playing we became… hungry!!
So we went to Hawker Center around Albert Street.

240820148884 240820148887 240820148888

240820148892 240820148875 240820148876

Nice dinner, agree? Agree? Well, guess which one was my dinner?
Stay tuned for more update on Connexion event, ok?

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Rave Master (Again)

Rave Master-b

Posted about Rave some time back.
Hmm, at his final test as the true Rave Master, Haru had to find the true reason on why he fought.
Was it to save the world?
Was it to save his sister?
Was it to save his homeland?
All above reasons were not enough to make him fight with all determination.
Finally, he found the reason: “I want to protect Elie!!!”

Hmm, that’s a cool quote.
I shall use it as well. Who knows it can bring the inner strength within me!!!
And of course, one day I will find my ‘Elie’~~~

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Book Review XXIV: The Love Languages of God


The tragedy is that people who choose not to love are never happy people.
Their lack of love hurts not only the other person, but it atrophies their own souls.

In God’s eyes, we are His children and He loves us as we love our own children. Since we are created in His image, we are capable of receiving and giving love. In fact, only God’s love can make us truly happy. In general, there are five love languages of human. God can communicate His love to us in 5 different ways and we can express our love to Him in 5 ways too.

1.) Words of affirmation
God constantly affirms His love for us and encourages us.
People whose primary love language is words of affirmation often express it in preaching His word and singing praise.

2.) Quality time.
God loves speaking to His people and desires to draw near and spend time with us.
People whose primary love language is quality time often express it in prayer and meditating upon His word.

3.) Gifts
God is the great Giver. He gives life and provides daily necessity. He even calls us His children and gives us spiritual gifts. Some of His blessings are reserved for His children whereas some others are for everyone. People whose primary love language is gifts often find joy in giving to His work and to other people often beyond expectation as a sign of thanksgiving to God.

4.) Acts of service
Love makes us willing to suffer for the people we love. Lord Jesus proved His love by dying on the cross for us. Mother Teresa is an example of showing love through acts of service too. In the Old Testament, God’s act of service is shown through answer of prayer, healing and deliverance from enemy. In the New Testament, we see Lord Jesus healing the sick, calming the storm, casting out demons, raising the dead.

5.) Physical touch
For those of us whose primary love language is physical touch, we can always feel God’s presence and the manifestation can even be physical. In the Bible, we see God wrestling with Jacob and Moses’ face glowing from His presence. Lord Jesus touched the children and blessed them, touched the sick and healed them and even washed the disciples’ feet.

A couple may sincerely love each other. However, they may not connect emotionally to each other if they do not speak each other’s primary love language. How do we discover our primary love language? We can ask 3 questions to ourselves: How do I most often express love to other people? What do I complain about most often? What do I request most often? To discover our love language to God, we can ask ourselves the same three questions: How do I most often express my love to God? What do I most often complain to God about? What do I request of God most often? By knowing our primary love language, we can better understand ourselves and other fellow pilgrims.

After discovering our primary love language, we can express it in different dialect.
– The dialects of word of affirmation include giving thanks to God for simple things around us, for people, for our body, praising God with or without music, privately or corporately, or even by writing love letter or poem to God.
– Some dialects of quality time time with God include having daily quiet time with God or having a walk with God. No matter how busy we are, a heart that longs for God will find a place and time.
– Some dialects of gift giving include giving money, food, drink, clothing, shelter and even encouragement.
– Some dialect of act of service include cooking, building and volunteering in a ministry; using whatever talents to serve others.
– Some dialects of physical touch include touching the sick, those in prison and nursing home, touching others while praying and hugging.

Real love includes discipline. If we love, we will correct. There two important points in discipline: 1.) we are most likely to rebel against the discipline of God when our spiritual love tank is empty. 2.) God’s method of discipline relates directly to our primary love language, it strikes us at the deepest possible level. However, at the same time, God’s discipline isn’t always in response to our behavior. Discipline can be His effort to direct our sincere effort to serve Him in a more productive manner too. God’s discipline may include: when He withdraws His blessing from us if it distracts us from God, when He withdraws His presence from us due to sin, when He chooses not to heal us of our sickness, when He redirects us from one ministry to another ministry. An example of discipline: "God gives good gifts to His children but only when He knows they are ready to receive them."

God’s love prevails much: it enables one to overcome the walls of apartheid, to choose His mission rather than personal mission and even to sacrifice own life for Gospel’s sake. While humans love those who love them, God’s love is unconditional: He loves us even while we are sinners. He is both holy and loving. He offered us forgiveness of sin through Lord Jesus. His love enables us to love Christians and even those who persecute us.

God fluently speaks these five love languages. While it is easy to express love using our primary love language, it will take time and effort to speak the other 4 love languages. God designed us to live in community. Learning to express God’s love in all five love languages will enhance our usefulness in His family and in reaching out to the world.

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10 Things You Need to Talk About Before You Get Married (by Tinashe Samuel Maruta)

Fantastic post on Facebook by Tinashe.
I enjoy reading it. Hopefully you will find it inspiring too~~

Tinashe 1

Tinashe 2

Tinashe 3