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Dinner 1, August, 2014

Yoooz! Managed to meet up with old friends.
Well, I used to have monthly gathering with some of them.
In the course of life, somehow we drifted away from one another…
But at last, we had one gathering on 1, August!!!
Sakae Sushi! I tend to choose sushi as they usually do not put too much oil in it.

010820148684 010820148678 010820148679

010820148680 010820148681 010820148683

Yummy yummy. Healthy healthy.
We talked about life, especially on the topic of finding a job for a PhD holder.


My friends and I.
Should arrange a reunion with them again~~

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Dinner 26, July, 2014

Wonderful dinner last Saturday!
It was to celebrated a god-brother’s birthday.
After celebrating church anniversary, I went back home and enjoyed fantastic dinner!
Hmm, two birthdays in one day? Smile with tongue out

260720148640 260720148641 260720148637

260720148638 260720148639

Hehehe, all the food were mine!!

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