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Breath of Fire 3 Soundtracks!!

Another childhood games!!
It’s another story of dragon vs god war. Well, isn’t peace the best answer?
Somehow the memory of the soundtracks rushed back to me.
Hence, here are the soundtracks.
Hope you like them too.

Ordinary casual battle to level up.

Sounds very peaceful, doesn’t it?

Well, some battles are rather easy to win.

Battle against normal boss

With the sound effect too~~~

One of the cities. It sounds very playful, doesn’t it?

Training an ordinary person to become strong in battle Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Must help the fairy so I can get rare items and skills.

Fairy city can flourish too.

Initial overworld theme.

Later overworld theme.

I kinda like this battle soundtrack. Angel vs dragon

Fighting against an old friend… reminds me of Prisoners of Fate from Chrono Cross.

Final boss!!
Man! I think I should replay this game!!!

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