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CHC Trial 4, August, 2014 (Day 48-Day 1 Tranche 5)

Hmm, this morning session really cleared up much doubt.
Some time back, there was a question whether or not the church money was used to fund Sun’s career around 2003.
It turned out that there was some accounting mistake as it was Wahju Hanafi’s money that was used.

The afternoon session seemed a bit unusual.
Hmm, City News recorded a lot of statement from prosecution.
However, they did not record much answer from John Lam….
Perhaps tomorrow John will answer?

The Ink Room Shopping 26, July, 2014

Happy birthday to my City Harvest Church once again!
The birthday occasion was the… shopping time!!
The Ink Room gave 25% off store wide! So… I bought a looooottt!

030820148688 030820148689 030820148690

030820148692 030820148693 030820148691

4 books and 2 CDs.
The church has been singing a lot from these 2 albums.
Then, I would like to understand more on relationship. Hence, these 4 titles.


Do look forward to book review posts from me, ok?

National Day Dinner 3, August, 2014

Fantastic dinner yesterday!!! It was my first time attending National Day Dinner!!
The company I work in was invited to attend it. We had 2 shares of table.
Free dinner!!!

030820148702 030820148695 030820148701

030820148698 030820148699 030820148700

030820148696 030820148714

My wonderful colleagues and (even more wonderful) I!

030820148704 030820148707 030820148708

The dinner hall was really full (with hungry people like me).

030820148719 030820148706 030820148710

030820148711 030820148712 030820148713

030820148715 030820148716 030820148718

Very very nice food! Managed to save plenty $$! Yay!!


Cheers, people!

030820148722 030820148723

Our table won the bingo game!! My colleague won scissors-paper-rock too! Then, we received this exclusive bag Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

030820148724 030820148725

Another colleague won lottery lucky draw! He will put the air purifier prize in the office.


What a happy way to spend the evening of Sunday!

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