Pastor A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 2, August, 2014: Mediatorial Rule

Matt 6:10
The Lord’s prayer. It is a perspective from God looking upon mankind.
It says ‘Your kingdom come. Your will be done in earth’. The prayer reveals the earth was not cooperating with God.
Kingdom: rule and presence of God. Specifically, it happens on earth.
There are two types of God’s rule: universal rule which extends to all creation.
There is no single  renegade molecule which escapes God’s rule.
Even though presently humanity is at rebellion with him, they are still under God’s dominion.

Mediatorial rule: God extends His rule and presence through agent or agency.
There is conflict between God and humanity: does God retain the right to rule? Sometimes human flesh is in conflict with the Holy Spirit.
Adam failed as written in Genesis 3.
Cain was told by God that sin was crouching at the door. Such crouching implies humans are morally responsible.
However, Cain failed.
Eventually, Noah exercised His mediatorial rule. Noah and his family survived the flood.
Human could now exercise rule over other human: government.
Human government failed as they built the tower of Babel as they wanted independence from God.
God didn’t give up.
He raised up Abraham and through him God raised Israel.
Israel was a miniature of theocracy. God ruled through nation.
However, Rehoboam messed up and caused the kingdom to split. The kingdom of Israel and Judah failed to carry His mediatorial rule.

Isaiah 45:1-6
God didn’t give up to bring His rule. He chose Cyrus from Persia. God uses unbelievers from time to time as even Christians fail Him.
God used government. He set up kings and set them down. He used Cyrus to set Jews free.

Lord Jesus was born. However, the religious leaders rejected Him.

Romans 13:1-6
Human government is the agency for His rule. We are to be subject to government and to pray for the government.
Government’s responsibility is to protect human life. If the government is evil, God will hold them accountable whether they know God or not.

Gen 18:19
Other than government, God’s second agency of mediatorial rule is the home.
It is a place love is exercised between husband and wife which mirrors relationship between Christ and church.

Third agency: the church.
The whole concept of cultural mandate is the church going to the world and win the world for God.

Fourth agency: the labor.

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