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BBQ 10, August, 2014

Wooohoo, had BBQ outing yesterday.
Somehow a friend invited me to join her CG outing at East Coast Park.
So, there I was, enjoying myself to the max while making new friends~~~

P8100009 P8100001 P8100007

P8100012 P8100013 P8100009

Nom nom nom. It was my dinner~~

P8100014 P8100002 P8100003

P8100004 P8100006 P8100008

Some were busy cooking. Some were busy chatting. Some were busy taking photos (that is, me)~~

P8100017 P8100019

We played fun games! Team 2, assemble!! Team 1, assemble!


Our game master~~


Team 2 photo of left legs.

P8100032 P8100033 P8100031

We created words from light sticks!!

P8100043 P8100041 P8100042

Prize presentation ceremony! Can you guess which position did my team win?


Should light up the nite too~~


The lovely CG Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile
Shall catch up with them again in church!!

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