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All Rich People Go To…..

A conversation with a colleague over breakfast.

Friend: Which church do you go to?
Me: I go to City Harvest Church.
Friend: Wah, all rich people go to City Harvest. How come?

Well, it was difficult to answer this question.
Now that I think of it, I should have answered her.

The people become rich after attending City Harvest.

Smile with tongue outSmile with tongue outSmile with tongue outSmile with tongue out

CHC Trial 12, August, 2014 (Day 54-Day 7 Tranche 5)

Yeeeessshhh!! Pastor Kong addressed one major point by prosecutor!
Prosecutor said the investment was sham.
However, looking at these details, it is clear the investment was not sham. It was a careful planning and budgeting.
I really think it is a good idea to invest building fund into Xtron bond.
It was to achieve 2 goals at the same time.
I believe Pastor Kong will address more and more prosecutor’ points in the coming days.

So the rumor I heard is true: Pastor Kong really preached in the court room!!~~~

4 points highlighted by MP Edwin Tong.

– Crossover Project was a legitimate church purpose.
– There was no wrongful gain by any individual.
– The church suffered no financial loss.
– Neither the church nor the members have complained.

Well, that last point is especially interesting.
It is not clear who actually wrote the First Information Report (FIR).
In addition, the prosecution argued the identity of the person behind FIR is protected by law.
So, effectively…. there is no complaint so far!! Hehehehe.