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CHC Trial 13, August, 2014 (Day 55-Day 8 Tranche 5)-Possible Authorization Story

Wonderful! Simply wonderful!
Pastor Kong explained emails after emails, documents after documents.
Prosecution said the leaders had hidden things from auditors.
It turned it was wasn’t true: the leaders really showed everything to the auditor (Foong Daw Ching) and the lawyer (Jimmy Yim).
In addition, even though Xtron made loss, they came up with a plan to ensure the church did not suffer loss.
It is building fund money, after all.

It is getting more and more exciting as Pastor Kong’s integrity getting revealed day by day!

Hmm, previously the defense mentioned the use of money was not unauthorized.
Now, looking back at all the links, I think I understand this reasoning. Perhaps it is something as follows:

1.) Way back then, The executive members were aware building fund could be used for investment, especially in Xtron. 
It wasn’t simply meant to sit idly in the bank, earning small interest while getting eaten up by inflation.
– The executive members knew about building fund investment.
– Xtron promised 7% interest even while making loss, way higher than bank interest

2.) Xtron was known to manage Sun Ho. It was not hidden.
Since, simply speaking, Sun’s career is none other than Crossover Project itself, it follows that Xtron managed Crossover Project too
(in reality, CHC plays a part in managing Crossover Project too since it is a common goal between Xtron and church)
– Xtron label was printed on Sun’s album.
– Sun publicly thanked Xtron, her management company.

3.) Combining point 1 and point 2, since Executive Members were aware of Xtron bond and Xtron was known to manage Sun’s career/Crossover Project, it follows that Executive Members should have been aware that building fund went to Crossover Project even before the investigation started.
”Should have been aware” because I read somewhere some Executive Members claimed they had not approved building fund going to Crossover Project.

Well, assuming these 3 points of reasoning are really correct, hopefully the judge will declare the leaders innocent!! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile