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CHC Trial 19, August, 2014 (Day 59-Day 12 Tranche 5)

Any claim has to backed up with evidence.
When the claim has no evidence, I call it empty claim.
When the claim has disputable evidence, I call it shaky claim.
When the claim has undisputable evidence, I call it solid claim.

Whenever the Bible makes a claim, there is undisputable evidence. Hence, the Bible makes a solid claim.

Many people claim Pastor Kong to be false teacher, a deceiver, a liar, false prophet and many others.
However, so far all I see is either empty or shaky claim.
Well, they need to put in a lot a lot a loooooott more effort to transform their empty/shaky claim into solid claim.
Not forgetting they need plenty luck too.

Anyway, thanks to them. Pastor Kong’s integrity shines brighter and brighter.

Cross examination by the prosecution already started.
Go go go, Pastor Kong! The LORD is with you.