CHC Trial 22, August, 2014 (Day 62-Day 15 Tranche 5)

Yes! As expected of Pastor Kong!
He gave fantastic answers to close this week of cross-examination!!

Hmm, looking at these two links, I guess some bonds were revealed to the EMs. Some bonds were not revealed to EMs.
If only someone had told him that he was legally required to reveal the bond to the EMs, the leaders might not be in difficult situation like now.
But I guess, this is an honest mistake, isn’t it? It does not seem to be any criminal breach of trust.

Pastor Kong gave a nice analogy on Xtron-CHC like churches in Festival of Praise committee.
Different organization sharing the same vision will definitely be seen as related.
However, each of them is still an independent organization.

Hmm, in the Prayer Meeting last Thursday, Pastor Kenneth shared about the church praying for Apostle Peter (Acts 12:5).
I shall keep Pastor Kong in prayer too~~~

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