Escape Game (Connexion) 24, August, 2014

Finally!!! We had another unofficial event of Connexion… Escape Game!
Hmm, they actually had other outings this month: Bukit Timah Trail Walk and Movie outing: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
However, I didn’t join them as I had other activities on Sunday too.
So, I joined them yesterday and it was …… well, interesting.

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We came in to Freeing SG at Bukit+ at Level 7.
Full of confidence that we would be able to solve the puzzle and escape from the room.
In the end….

240820148874 240820148872 240820148873

None of us managed to escape the room in 45 minutes!!!!!
Ahhhh!! So demoralizing!!


Never mind, we are confident we can do better next time.
Hopefully we can organize another one when there is another promotion~~
After playing we became… hungry!!
So we went to Hawker Center around Albert Street.

240820148884 240820148887 240820148888

240820148892 240820148875 240820148876

Nice dinner, agree? Agree? Well, guess which one was my dinner?
Stay tuned for more update on Connexion event, ok?

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