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CHC Trial 25, August, 2014 (Day 63-Day 16 Tranche 5)


Hmmmm, according to Pastor Kong, he was very open to brother Foong. Brother Foong even knew Xtron had losses.
Yet, he didn’t say it was a sham bond.
According to prosecutors, brother Foong didn’t say it was sham because Pastor Kong had not told him some other information.
One may wonder what additional information Pastor Kong should have told brother Foong, really.

On the other hand, Pastor Kong admitted it he lacked understanding on how the bonds work, leading him to email Justin Herz to delay payment.
I remember Pastor Kong mentioned on the stage he lacked wisdom on certain transaction.
So, I guess, this is one of those moments.

Anyway, all the best, Pastor Kong! My prayer is for you!