CHC Trial 29, August, 2014 (Day 67-Day 20 Tranche 5)

Hmm, I keep seeing this pattern of Q&A.
Quite a few times, the prosecution kept mentioning the investment was sham.
Quite a few times, Pastor Kong responded by saying it was not sham as there was every intention to repay the bond as one can see from the various budget planning.
Shouldn’t the prosecution refute it by saying there was no intention to repay the bond? Or, is it just me?

Indeed, Pastor Kong did not reveal some facts from the Executive Members and Management Board.
When I first heard it, I found it unusual.
Now that Pastor Kong has mentioned the reason, I can understand.
Crossover Project may be a sensitive project and Pastor Kong wasn’t legally required to reveal some of the facts.

Prosecution mentioned the leaders were the ones controlling the fund by telling Wahju when to pay the fund.
It turned out that the reason was because Wahju needed guidance as he was not involved in daily operation of Crossover Project.
Hmm, the explanation makes sense, actually.

I am glad to hear Pastor Kong can explain evidence after evidence.
Really, it pays a lot to hear the leaders explaining their action!!
Now, break period, everyone~~~

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