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CHC Trial 29, September, 2014 (Day 83-Day 36 Tranche 5)

Glad to hear SC Kannan Ramesh clarify the increase in retainer fees.
While the prosecution argued it was to channel money from CHC to Xtron, the defense showed the increase was justifiable based on real service.
Indeed, when one sees the context of Sharon’s action, it is clear she had not done wrong as prosecution argued.

Hmm, finally the first report was submitted to the court.
I wonder what the content is.
Very importantly, exactly who actually made the report??

Dinner 29, September, 2014


Nice dinner prepared by my god-Mommy just now!
Carrot, red and green bell pepper. Chicken stew. Cherry tomato. Olive oil.
I feel sooooo healthy after eating it. Praise the Lord for such an awesome god-Mommy!

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Birthday Celebration 29, September, 2014

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Celebrated colleagues’  birthday this morning.
Three handsome and skillful gentlemen.
Happy birthday, Royston, Dean and Keagan!

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Dinner 28, September, 2014

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Dinner yesterday at I12 Katong.
My first time visiting Food Republic there.
The air con was too cold Smile with tongue out
Anyway, nice fish soup! The fish taste was very unique!

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Study Group 28, September, 2014


Another loooong study session with my favorite study group, A1 is Achieveable.
Grapes and strawberry to keep us awake in the midst of difficult questions.
Good thing the strawberry was pretty sour~~~

Thanks for the fruits, Sharon!
Kerin, Jolene, Sharon, study hard, yeah?
I can give you all the morale support you all need Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile

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Dinner After Service 27, September, 2014

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Finally! After a very looooong time, I had dinner with CG after church service.
We had it at Esplanade Exchange.
As usual, we talked about life and updated each other on how life was.
Nice food, nice fellowship. Shall make it more regular~~~

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Warcraft Warlords of Draenor

A set of videos to keep me awake!!!!!
Used to watch Warcraft videos a lot in the morning to warm myself up before working.
My adrenaline gets pumped up instantly just by watching all the valor and willpower of the characters.
The language used is an interesting crude joke which I can adapt too.
They are going to launch a new Warcraft expansion: Warlords of Draenor.
Hope these videos will charge you up too~~~

And the previous expansion series: Mist of Pandaria.
Here are some of the videos

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